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How Much Bone Broth Is Too Much?

| Published on June 13, 2018

You may have heard some of the health benefits of bone broth and thought it might be beneficial for your pup. After doing some research and deciding to add it to your dog’s diet, the next question is: How much bone broth should I feed my dog?

And then: How much bone broth is too much?

How much bone broth should I feed my dog?

The short answer is that everything is best in moderation, but you shouldn’t stress about feeding your dog bone broth with exact, to-the-ounce measurements. Bone broth is not medicine, so giving Fido a few extra spoonfuls won’t do him any harm.

As with any food, the amount you give your four-legged friend should depend on their breed and weight, and the calories should be accounted for when determining their daily diet. An author at Dogs Naturally Magazine, who makes her own bone broth, gives her big dogs “two or three heaping spoonfuls over their dinner.” For the iHeartDogs Bone Broth Powder supplement, we suggest one heaping scoop for every 40 pounds your pooch weighs, added directly over their food (don’t mix it with water).

The key thing to remember is that bone broth should supplement a diet, but is not intended to fulfill all your pup’s dietary needs. If you want to get a more specific measurement of how much to give your dog, consult with the person who can provide you with the best nutritional advice for your pup’s individual needs — your vet.

How can bone broth be beneficial for my dog?

With that said, bone broth can be a wonderful addition to a well-balanced diet. Rich in nutrients like collagen, glucosamine, amino acids, and more, it can support joint health and immune health, while promoting healthy skin and coat.

Because of these properties, bone broth is especially popular for senior dogs, helping keep stiff joints gliding and encouraging a healthy appetite. It can also be a soothing way to give sick dogs an extra boost of nutrients without upsetting their tummies.

But dogs of any age and in all states of health can benefit from a hefty dose of bone broth since it can also strengthen their immune system and promote healthy skin and coat. Plus, most dogs love it — even if they’re picky eaters!

Many pup parents enjoy making a batch of homemade bone broth for their companions, but it’s quite a time-consuming process. That, plus the wrong balance of ingredients — the broth needs an acid, like vinegar, in order to create that health-filled gelatin — could result in a less-than-ideal batch.

If you’d prefer a quick, easy, and nutritional way to incorporate bone broth into your dog’s diet, try iHeartDogs’ Bone Broth Powder, which can be sprinkled right over food! This powder is full of all the good stuff, including elk antlers (that were naturally shed, so they’re cruelty-free), and animal bones free of growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. Plus, this product is safe for most dogs with allergies or sensitivities, since it’s formulated without grain, gluten, or soy. What’s more, each purchase provides 7 meals for hungry shelter dogs!

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Whether you make bone broth from scratch or prefer iHeartDogs’ easy and mess-free method, consider supplementing your dog’s diet with a moderate amount of this stuff in order to boost her health!

Bone Broth Powder for Dogs, $24.99. Each purchase provides 7 meals for shelter dogs.


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