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16 Fresh Foods That May Help Prevent Cancer In Dogs

We would do almost anything to keep our best friends with us just a bit longer. That’s the only fault they have–not living long enough. And while you cannot prevent the inevitable, you can help prolong your dog’s life by feeding him good foods. This includes fresh foods that are known to help prevent cancer, one of the leading causes of death in older dogs.

In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month (May), we asked Rick Woodford, author of CHOW: Simple Ways to Share the Foods You Love with the Dogs You Love, to provide a list of fresh foods that are safe for your dog and also help prevent cancer.

#1 – Apples  

Apples are an antiangiogenic food that blocks angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels from existing blood vessels.) Antiangiogenic foods literally starve tumor cells with a 60% response rate in tests of dogs.

dc1 apples-490474_640

#2 – Asparagus

Asparagus contains more glutathione than any other fruit or vegetable. Glutathione is a detoxifying compound that helps break down carcinogens and other harmful compounds like free radicals.

dc2 appetite-2039_640

#3 – Bananas  

Bananas contain anthoxanthins which help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

dc3 banana-5734_640

#4 – Blackberries  

Blackberries contain quercetin, an antioxidant that helps to protect against cancer, especially when combined with vitamin C, which blackberries are also high in.

dc4 blackberries-1045728_640

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