3 Signs Your Boxer Is Overweight

Like us, your Boxer should stay in shape to avoid many health problems. Several things can cause your Boxer to become overweight, including but not limited to: too many treats, low-quality pet food, not enough exercise, and health problems such as thyroid disease. We all know it’s easy to get busy and stop exercising the dog. It’s even easier to over-indulge on the treats. The important thing is to recognize when your Boxer has packed on a few extra pounds, so you can adjust his lifestyle and get him checked out by a vet as soon as possible. The following are 3 signs your Boxer is overweight.

Image Source: Andrew Bone Via Flickr
Image Source: Andrew Bone Via Flickr

#1 – Can’t Feel Ribs

You should be able to feel your Boxer’s ribs when you run your hand over their middle. Many Boxers are so active you can actually see their ribs, and these dogs may need to be fed a bit more. Visible or not, you definitely should be able to feel them.

#2 – No Definition

Boxers have a very sporty body type and they should have a discernible rib cage/chest area and then slim down to a waist at their hips. If your Boxer doesn’t have a waist, he is carrying around a couple extra pounds. Dr. Sophia Yin’s website has a great, easy to follow guide for checking body definition.

#3 – Panting

If your Boxer is panting when it’s not that hot out of after just a few minutes of exercise, it may be because he has too much weight (unless he is stressed). Pay attention to how quickly your Boxer starts to pant during something as simple as a walk. Is it just one block? If your Boxer starts to pant after just a bit of work, he is probably overweight and out of shape.

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