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10 Ways To Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Sometimes going for a long walk or a trip to the park just isn’t possible. When you are sick, snowed in, or the temperature skyrockets, finding ways to exercise your dog indoors takes a bit of creativity. The next time you find yourselves trapped inside, keep your pooch from going stir-crazy with one – or more – of these fun indoor activities. 1. Treadmill Some dogs need more than just a leisurely stroll to stay happy, fit and healthy. Dog … Read more

9 Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Heart Healthy

Heart disease affects dogs differently than humans. For example, coronary artery disease is quite common in humans, but very rare in dogs. However, conditions involving the weakening of the heart muscle, such as congestive heart failure (CHF), are a real concern in aging canines. Avoiding CHF and/or slowing its progression can give your dog many more healthy years by your side. Before making any major changes to your dog’s diet or lifestyle, consult your vet to make sure it is safe to … Read more

Country’s First Indoor Dog Water Park Is Approved By Pampered Pups

Dog Water Park Facility

Whenever you stop at a hotel, kids are sure to burst with excitement if it has a water park. And as it turns out, many dogs are the same way. A South Dakota dog resort recently expanded its facility to include the country’s first indoor dog water park. Dogs can run around in a splash pad space any time of the year. This doggy play area had a slow start due to COVID, but now it’s booming with success! It’s … Read more

7 Vet-Recommended Tips To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Dogs are our beloved companions, sharing in just about everything we do. Unfortunately, this close bond also extends to their eating and exercise habits. Much like American humans, more than half of the nation’s dogs and cats are overweight or obese. Chubby pups are at risk for many of the same health problems overweight people face, including diabetes, heart disease, and crippling arthritis. If you are ready to help your dog lose weight, consider these 7 tips from veterinarian and … Read more

Police Dog Pumps Out Push-Ups With Fellow Officers In Adorable Viral Video

Nitro the 2-year-old Dutch Shepherd is a rookie K9 officer with the Gulf Shores Police Department in Alabama. The physically fit pup recently showed off his push-up skills in a viral video with two of his fellow officers. Just 7 seconds long, the clip has spread like wildfire with more than 1 million views since it was posted on November 18. Not only is Nitro’s video adorable, it also serves an important purpose as part of the #9PMRoutine movement. The … Read more

Doctor “Prescribes” Dog To Obese Man & It Saves His Life

In 2010, Sales Manager Eric O’Grey’s health was in serious danger. He was just 51, but years of carrying nearly 200 extra pounds of weight had taken its toll. O’Grey had Type II Diabetes, high cholesterol, unregulated blood pressure, and was taking 15 different medications each day. He sought the advice of a naturopathic doctor and was shocked by her unconventional prescription. She told him to get a dog. “She knew my underlying problem wasn’t medical, it was being reclusive,” … Read more

3 Great Ways To Help Your Chubby Dog Drop Some Pounds

Pup parents love to spoil their dogs, and sometimes, that means too many treats… and a little extra weight gain! And since the only thing more important than their happiness is their health (which results in overall happiness, of course!), we try to help them stay fit so they can live the longest, fullest lives possible. We at iHeartDogs asked Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, for some pointers on how to get chubby pups to trim down. Also known as “The … Read more

Taking Your Dog On Walks May Have More Health Benefits Than You Realized

Daily walks with your pooch can provide many wonderful health benefits. According to a research paper published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, these benefits extend beyond physical and social advantages. In fact, the study found that dog owners are motivated to walk their pups because it simply makes them happy! Researchers analyzed “interviews and personal written reflections” from 26 people describing why they walk their dogs. As expected, many owners listed their pups’ wellbeing, but the researchers … Read more

Do You Really Need To Walk Your Dog?

The answer to this frequently asked question is: It depends. All dogs need exercise and mental stimulation, but that does not mean that a daily trek around the neighborhood is the answer. The amount of physical activity each dog needs depends on several factors including age, breed, size and overall health. There are many different ways that they can get their daily workout, whether it’s a walk, a play session, canine agility, or training games. On average, dogs should get between 30 … Read more

6 Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Pup’s Mind Through Play

Dogs never stop playing! From puppyhood straight on through their golden years, they exercise their bodies and strengthen their minds by romping, chewing, leaping and fetching. Lifelong play ensures that dogs stay fit and healthy while staving off boredom, mischief and premature aging. To keep your best friend fur-ever young at heart – and mind – try these 6 fun toys, puzzles and DIY games! 1. Treat Balls Treat dispensing balls like the Brain Ball by Project Play available in our store … Read more

How Much Exercise Is Too Much For My Dog?

If you live with a dog, chances are, you know how important it is for your pup to get exercise in order to stay healthy. Some dogs will happily accompany you on a 5-mile run, and for others, a short daily stroll will suffice. But how do you know when your canine companion is getting too much exercise for his own good? Just like many things that are health-related, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer. Instead, you should evaluate your dog based … Read more

5 Safety Tips For Exercising With Your Dog

We all know that obesity is dangerous for both humans and dogs alike. Getting a dog that needs to be walked every day can be a great way to start an exercise routine that will benefit both of you. But keep in mind, if you like jogging with your pooch or having them run next to your bike, you might be causing more harm than good (depending on the dog). Below are 5 safety tips for exercising with your dog to help you both … Read more

Traditional & Holistic Vets Agree: These 4 Tips Help Dogs Live Life To The Fullest

Whether you prefer a straight-laced veterinary clinician or a holistic vet with a focus on Chinese medicine, we all have one common goal when we consult a doggy doctor: More healthy years with our canine BFFs. Two very different vets agree on four things pawrents need to do in order to achieve that goal. Dr. Elizabeth Murphy, author of How to Age-Proof Your Dog, believes prevention is the key to longevity and that we are the “guardians of our pets’ health.” … Read more

3 Signs Your Boxer Is Overweight

Like us, your Boxer should stay in shape to avoid many health problems. Several things can cause your Boxer to become overweight, including but not limited to: too many treats, low-quality pet food, not enough exercise, and health problems such as thyroid disease. We all know it’s easy to get busy and stop exercising the dog. It’s even easier to over-indulge on the treats. The important thing is to recognize when your Boxer has packed on a few extra pounds, so you … Read more

Is My Chihuahua Overweight Or Obese?

Chihuahuas are so small, it’s easy for them to get overweight. This is especially true if you like to indulge them when they beg – it doesn’t take too many human treats to make a Chihuahua overweight. In addition, since so many of us tend to carry them around – in our arms or in bags – our Chihuahuas are not always getting the exercise that they should. But being overweight is not good for your Chihuahua. It can lead ... Read more

Is My Dachshund Overweight Or Obese?

The Dachshund body shape makes them more prone to bulking up. It doesn’t help that they are expert beggars and get carried around a lot because they are small. But being overweight is really bad for your Doxie’s long back, hips and short legs. The strain can cause all kinds of health issues and even shorten their lifespan. Because of this, it’s important to recognize when yours has packed on a few extra pounds. The following are 3 signs your ... Read more

Is My German Shepherd Overweight Or Obese?

Although German Shepherds are naturally active dogs, this does not mean they cannot gain weight. Lack of exercise, poor diet including too many treats, and health issues such as thyroid disease can cause your Shepherd to become overweight. Being overweight can cause all sorts of health problems – especially extra strain on their hips – and even shorten their lifespan. Because of this, it’s important to know when your Shepherd is carrying around some extra pounds so you can slim ... Read more

3 Signs Your Great Dane Is Overweight

Though it’s not common, Great Danes can get overweight. They won’t ever get as round as maybe a Dachshund can, but they can definitely have too much fat–especially aging Danes that are not as active as they used to be, but are still fed the same amount. Feeding junk food or human treats, or  having health issues such as thyroid disease or hip dysplasia can also lead to your Dane gaining a few extra pounds. Those extra pounds can mean even more … Read more

11 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Shortening Your Dog’s Life

Having a dog is a big responsibility. They depend on you to make the best decisions for them on everything from what they eat to how their hair is cut. Although every loving dog parent has the best intentions at heart, certain choices that seem simple and harmless may actually result in fewer years with your furry friend.   1. Skipping Annual Vet Visits Some people feel that it’s a waste of time and money to take their dogs to the … Read more

Ask A Vet: Does My Dog Need Exercise?

We all have heard that exercise is good for us. We intellectually agree, even if we do not prioritize exercise for ourselves. The benefits to humans have been proven by many studies. What about your dog? Does she need to exercise? We know that dogs are not small humans. They cannot take the exact same medications we can and they cannot eat some of the foods that we can. Obesity is a common problem and we try to apply what … Read more

8 Tips To Get Your Dog Used To Biking

Biking with your dog can be a great way to exercise those high-energy pups that can outrun you (either speed or distance). It can also be dangerous for both of you if not done properly. Most importantly, be sure to use a bike attachment such as the Springer or WalkyDog, do not just jump on a bike with your dog’s leash in your hand. Then, follow these tips to getting your dog used to running next to your bike. #1 – Bike … Read more