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Signs Your Dog’s Body is Aging Too Fast

Smiling Senior Dog on Grass

I had an eye opening conversation recently with a friend that really enlightened my perspective on the aging process in dogs. It went like this: ME: Is my dog aging too fast?(I was totally skeptical when my friend dropped this one on me but I was intrigued). Aging too fast – as in faster than they should? “Yes.” He went on to explain it like this. FRIEND: Have you ever seen a human that looked way older than they were? What about mentally, … Read more

3 Great Ways To Help Your Chubby Dog Drop Some Pounds

Pup parents love to spoil their dogs, and sometimes, that means too many treats… and a little extra weight gain! And since the only thing more important than their happiness is their health (which results in overall happiness, of course!), we try to help them stay fit so they can live the longest, fullest lives possible. We at iHeartDogs asked Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, for some pointers on how to get chubby pups to trim down. Also known as “The … Read more

Which States Have The Most Overweight Pets – The Answer May Surprise You!

It would be logical to assume that the states with the highest levels of human obesity would also have the highest rates of pet obesity. Banfield, a large national chain of veterinary hospitals, produced a report based on the animals they saw in their clinics in 2016 and determined that there was no such correlation between states with high amounts of human obesity and states with high levels of pet obesity. In fact, there was a little bit of a … Read more

These Surprising States Have The Most Overweight Pets

It’s certainly not new information that the United States has a weight problem, or that the epidemic has spread to our pets. One out of three US pets are overweight and the statistics are getting worse. Since pets are dependent on us for their meals, it would be reasonable to assume that the states with the highest rates of human obesity would also have the most overweight pets. Surprisingly, a new study has found that in many cases, the opposite is true. … Read more

Is My Lab Overweight Or Obese?

Labrador Retrievers are true food hounds and as they age, many of them become a bit lazy. This combination often results in an overweight Lab. Labs seem to be skilled at gaining weight and owners should be aware that all those extra pounds come with a lot of health issues that can even shorten their lifespan. Because of this, Labrador Retriever owners should pay attention to the following 3 signs that their Lab is overweight. If you believe he is ... Read more

Is My Pit Bull Overweight Or Obese?

We all love our Pit Bulls and want to give them the best lives possible. However, sometimes the way we express our love can have negative side effects. For example, too many treats and too much snuggling on the couch can create an overweight Pittie with health problems. Pitties can get fat pretty easily, so it’s important to watch your dog’s weight. The following are 3 signs your Pittie is overweight. If you notice any of these, you should talk ... Read more

3 Signs Your Boxer Is Overweight

Like us, your Boxer should stay in shape to avoid many health problems. Several things can cause your Boxer to become overweight, including but not limited to: too many treats, low-quality pet food, not enough exercise, and health problems such as thyroid disease. We all know it’s easy to get busy and stop exercising the dog. It’s even easier to over-indulge on the treats. The important thing is to recognize when your Boxer has packed on a few extra pounds, so you … Read more

Is My Chihuahua Overweight Or Obese?

Chihuahuas are so small, it’s easy for them to get overweight. This is especially true if you like to indulge them when they beg – it doesn’t take too many human treats to make a Chihuahua overweight. In addition, since so many of us tend to carry them around – in our arms or in bags – our Chihuahuas are not always getting the exercise that they should. But being overweight is not good for your Chihuahua. It can lead ... Read more

Is My Dachshund Overweight Or Obese?

The Dachshund body shape makes them more prone to bulking up. It doesn’t help that they are expert beggars and get carried around a lot because they are small. But being overweight is really bad for your Doxie’s long back, hips and short legs. The strain can cause all kinds of health issues and even shorten their lifespan. Because of this, it’s important to recognize when yours has packed on a few extra pounds. The following are 3 signs your ... Read more

Is My German Shepherd Overweight Or Obese?

Although German Shepherds are naturally active dogs, this does not mean they cannot gain weight. Lack of exercise, poor diet including too many treats, and health issues such as thyroid disease can cause your Shepherd to become overweight. Being overweight can cause all sorts of health problems – especially extra strain on their hips – and even shorten their lifespan. Because of this, it’s important to know when your Shepherd is carrying around some extra pounds so you can slim ... Read more

3 Signs Your Great Dane Is Overweight

Though it’s not common, Great Danes can get overweight. They won’t ever get as round as maybe a Dachshund can, but they can definitely have too much fat–especially aging Danes that are not as active as they used to be, but are still fed the same amount. Feeding junk food or human treats, or  having health issues such as thyroid disease or hip dysplasia can also lead to your Dane gaining a few extra pounds. Those extra pounds can mean even more … Read more