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10 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

| Published on April 20, 2018

There is a dog out there for everyone who wants and has the ability to care for one. Not every dog owner is looking for a running buddy or a dog that can play for hours on end. And some dog owners don’t want to spend countless hours dealing with dog grooming demands. Dog “maintenance” can mean different things to different people. For the purposes of this list, we’ll be factoring in things such as: energy level, grooming needs, and adaptability–based on research from the American Kennel Club.

Whether you live in a small space, you’re looking for a calm companion, or you’re about to be a first time pup parent, these 10 low maintenance dog breeds are some of the easiest to own (in no particular order).

Do you have an easy breezy pup who you love to live with? Share with us in the comments below! 

1. Beagles

These pups are known for their docile personalities. Sadly, their natural sweetness is one reason this breed is sometimes used in laboratory testing. (Consider rescuing a former lab dog from organizations like the Beagle Rescue League, Inc.!)

The pups’ small size means they remain relatively portable, and with their outgoing personalities, they’re always up for making new friends. As far as grooming goes, their short coats only need to be brushed a few times a week, and shedding isn’t generally a huge problem.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

These softies are known for their affection, and if you’re looking for a family-loving lapdog, this breed could be it! King Charles Spaniels are happy just about anywhere, whether you live in an apartment, a big house with a yard, with a single person, or dog-loving children.

Despite having silky soft coats, they require little more than a weekly brushing for grooming, and they’re relatively low shedders to boot. They have a naturally calm nature and will happily enjoy whatever you’re up for, whether it’s a jaunt around the block or a long evening snuggling on the couch.

3. Jack Russell Terriers

First and foremost, the reason these pups made the list is that they are low maintenance to care for in very active families! If you’re looking for a small companion to join you on long daily walks or runs, hikes, and /or  possibly hours of play, this could be the perfect breed for you.

They’re “low maintenance” in the sense that they are friendly, easy to groom with occasional brushing, and tend to shed very little. They’re also perfectly portable for anyone looking for a pal to take with them on adventures!

4. Corgis

These adorable dogs are often known for their fluffy bums, and fans of the breed can’t get enough! Small and sturdy, these pups don’t need a lot of living space, although they do have a decent amount of energy that they’ll need to burn with regular exercise.

In terms of grooming, Corgis need little more than a weekly brushing, and although they shed, it’s not too heavily. They are pretty cooperative when it comes to training, and can be quite friendly and outgoing with proper socialization.

5. Pit Bulls

While not an official “breed,” Pitties made this list for their big smiles, wiggly butts, and eager-to-please natures! Their deep-rooted desire to make their people happy – and turn all strangers into friends – make them wonderful companions for many families.

Additionally, these pups are normally short-coated, so they only need light grooming and shedding isn’t normally a huge issue. But since Pit Bulls are a class of mixed breeds, some are genetically prone to being very high-energy, especially when they’re young. This is something that people looking to adopt a Pittie puppy should be willing to embrace.

6. Greyhounds

Although they’re notorious “racing dogs,” parents of Greyhounds know them as something else: snuggly couch potatoes! These gentle-natured sweeties need very little grooming, and their short hair doesn’t pose a big problem for shedding.

While they love being lazy with their favorite people, it’s still important for these pups to get regular exercise. This breed is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to add a big, agreeable dog to the family! If you’re a fan of rescue, consider adopting a former racing Greyhound.

7. Chihuahuas

Sweet, sassy, and lovable Chihuahuas prove that good things come in small packages! They’re perfect for people who want a companion while they’re on-the-go, live in an apartment, or just want a pint-sized pal.

Chi pups are low maintenance because their exercise needs are relatively minimal, as are their grooming needs (especially if they’re short-haired). Plus, these little guys are easy to take with you on the town! Just keep in mind that the trick to avoiding the development of “Napoleon Syndrome” is to treat them like dogs and not accessories: they should not spend their entire lives being toted around in a purse, nor should they be allowed to get away with any behaviors (jumping, lunging, snarling, etc.) that wouldn’t be acceptable in bigger dogs! With that said, these pocket-sized pooches make wonderful companions.

8. Pug

These wrinkly charmers have a way of making everyone they meet fall in love with them. Loyal and lovable, Pugs don’t need a ton of living space, and a daily jaunt around the block is usually enough to fulfill their exercise needs. As a matter of fact, this brachycephalic breed can easily overheat and can’t handle a lot of strenuous activity.

Weekly brushing and occasional baths are usually enough to keep these short-haired pups clean, and well-socialized Pugs are always happy to make new friends! But if cozy nights in are more your style, they’ll be up for that, too.

9. Labrador Retriever

Labs have topped the AKC’s “most popular breeds” list for over two decades, and for good reason. These happy-go-lucky, versatile pooches can assimilate into families and environments of all kinds, as long as they’re cared for and loved.

One thing potential Lab puppy parents should know is that they tend to stay in that high-energy, “mouthy” stage until they’re a few years old. They’re also pretty heavy shedders, although weekly brushes and occasional baths usually fulfill their grooming needs. However, people willing to put a little work in will have a loyal, loving companion for children and adults alike. If the “puppy phase” makes you wary, consider rescuing an adult Lab or Lab mix!

10. Rescue or Shelter Mutts

Alright, so this covers a wide spectrum of genetics, temperaments, energy levels, and needs. But people looking to adopt a new dog shouldn’t overlook this wonderful option!

No matter what you’re looking for in a four-legged companion — high or low energy, happy in an apartment or on acres of land, a low shedder or an extra-fluffy pooch, etc. — you can find a mutt who has everything you’re looking for and more. With some patience and an open mind, you may find the perfect pup for your family at your local shelter, and you’ll be saving a life, to boot!

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