10 Must Read Books for Dog Lovers

It’s fall, which means it’s time for snuggling up by the fire with your furry best friend and a good book. If you are unsure what to read, this list has the must’s including best sellers, classics, and new favorites.

#1 – My Leash on Life

Foxy (with the help of human author and best friend Lenore Hirsch) shares his story and his dog’s-eye view of humans, cats, and the world. From abandonment to rescue to the pain of loss, he follows his nose into one adventure after another. Always on the lookout for a tasty morsel and reflecting with sarcasm on human foolishness, his tale nevertheless reaffirms the devoted connection that makes people dogs’ best friends. Available at Amazon.com.

Image source: Lenore HIrsch
Image source: Lenore Hirsch

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