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10 Tips To Throw A Dog Halloween Party That’s All Treat & No Trick!

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on October 14, 2022

Spooky season is here, and there are lots of ways to celebrate. You can curl up on the couch with scary movie marathons while you hug your dog tight. Or a visit to the pumpkin patch with your pooch could be fun. Your dog will be more than happy to sniff out the perfect pick for this year’s jack-o-lantern. And you’ve probably gotten plenty of invitations to Halloween soirees, but who needs loud, packed parties stuffed full of humans when you can throw the ultimate of Howl-o-ween bashes at home with the best guests of all—dogs!

If you’re ready to ditch the crowds out there and throw the doggone best bash you’ve ever had, we’ve got some tips to make your Halloween party for dogs so fun it’s downright scary!

10 Devilishly Delightful Tips for Throwing A Halloween Party for Dogs

1. Invite Your Pup’s BFFs for a Ghoulishly Good Time

Once your pup tells you which of their best furry friends they want to invite to their bash, decide if you’ll send invitations by mail or email. In this day and age, social media and email make sending e-vites a simple thing. Send your invitations as soon as possible to give pawrents plenty of opportunity to help their dog find their perfect costume for the party.

2. Mind Everyone’s Safety

Safety is a number one priority when planning a Halloween party for dogs. Hold your pup party during daytime hours, and be certain all guests enjoy the company of other dogs. Also, mind that doors, windows, and exterior gates are closed and locked within your party location and can’t be nosed open by a curious dog, especially if they can use a dog door. Also, remind your human guests to bring collars and leashes for their pups in case a moment arises where everyone needs to be reined in for a second!

3. Plan Puppish Party Fun

There are so many cute activities parents can do with their dogs, so get creative and set up some fun. A costume contest for the guests that arrive dressed for the occasion will be a surefire hit. How about bobbing for balls instead of apples? Or a pumpkin painting station where pups and their people can print pumpkins with paint-covered paws. But be sure you get non-toxic paint for the art and plenty of wipes for the cleanup. Plus, any of these 10 Clever Canine Enrichment Ideas You Can Easily Do At Home could be easily tailored to Halloween fun.

4. Toss Out Toys For Extra Excitement

In addition to activities for the doggo guests, be sure to offer a selection of toys that dogs can play with for extra fun. Leave an array of balls, chew toys, squeakers, and tug toys here and there across your venue so the pups can keep busy. If weather and proper fencing allow, you can also place toys outside so dogs can run around wild if they feel the need!

5. Don’t Forget To Dog-Proof the Decorations

When decorating for a dog Halloween party, be sure all décor items are placed where pups can’t reach them. Also, there will be a lot of wagging tails at your party, so keep that in mind when setting up, and be sure to avoid using breakables and candles. Instead, use battery-operated flameless candles to set the spooky mood. Hanging Halloween décor from the ceiling or other high-up spots is another great way to avoid doggie disaster.

6. Serve Dog-Friendly Treats To Make Them Drool

Parties mean food, and a dog party is no exception. But when menu planning for a canine culinary delight, be sure to avoid foods like chocolate, spices, onions, grapes, and raisins. All of these foods can sicken dogs. Be sure to check out these 10 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat as well.

You could make the menu BYODT and ask dog parents to whip up their favorite Fall snacks for dogs and bring them along. And with all the fun play and good snacking going on, the furry guests are sure to get thirsty, so don’t forget to have watering stations set up in multiple spots so everyone can quench their thirst.

7. Choose the Cutest Costume for Your Dog

Deciding what costume your doggy host will wear is one of the biggest decisions you and your furry one will face when planning the best Halloween bash ever! What will your pup be? Have a look at the 40 Best Dog Halloween Costumes In 2022 to find some inspiration. Once you decide what your dog will be, be sure the costume, whether homemade or purchased, fits your dog comfortably and doesn’t restrict breathing, movement, vision, or hearing. And once all the doggy divas arrive dressed and ready, don’t forget to snap a group photo of your dog and their buddies before everybody starts shucking off parts of their costumes!

8. Put Up a Photo Station for Pawtraits 

Speaking of catching a cute picture, set up a photo station with a Halloween or Fall theme. A couple of hay bales and a few pumpkins can create a perfect portrait backdrop to remember the occasion. Some eerie lights and hanging bats make for a quick and cute spooky setup. Review these 9 Professional Tricks to Photographing Your Dog and share the knowledge with other dog moms and dads so everyone catches photos they can’t wait to share on social media.

9. Offer a Destress Zone For When The Fun Becomes Too Much

If the fun gets to be a little too much for any of the furry guests, offer them some peace with an area for settling down. This can be a quiet portion of the yard or a room away from the activity. Leave some treats and another water station in the selected spot, and maybe even some blankets or a comfy bed where they can chill for a second.

10. Send Them On Their Way with a Treat

Don’t trick your guests when it’s time for them to go; treat them with a goodie bag! Fill bags with things dogs love, like treats, toys, chew sticks, bones, and even cute accessories they can wear. Look online to find cute Halloween and dog-themed bags that can be reused to make your goodie bags even better!

Now you’re ready for a Halloween party for your dog that will haunt your memories with fun and cuteness for years to come!

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