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10 Ways to Craft For Your Local Shelter On July 21st

Erika Lindquist is the owner of the “Sew Doggy Style” blog and the founder of National Craft For Your Local Shelters Day, celebrated on July 21st this year. Inspired by her rescue dog Sebastian, she started the holiday in 2012.

“I wanted to come up with a way for people to give/donate to their local shelters that would be fun and affordable,” says Lindquist. “If someone is unable to help their shelter financially, they can help by making simple, yet meaningful, items for the animals.”

You can take the pledge on Lindquist’s blog.

Below are 10 craft project ideas for this year’s craft day. I will be making fleece tug toys over at A Fairytail House. What will you be making?

#1 – “Adopt Me” Bandanas

Lindquist says these are one the most popular items made because they are not always cheap for shelters to buy. You can make them at home by taking scraps of fabric and either painting, screen printing or embroidering “adopt me” on them.

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#2 – Fleece Tugs

These are super easy to make and help enrich the lives of dogs living in shelters and foster homes. All you need is some fleece, cut into strips. You can then just simply braid, or if you want, try making one of these square braids.

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