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101 Female Chesapeake Bay Retriever Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 21, 2023

Choosing a name for your new Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a significant task. This breed is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and love for water. Therefore, a name that captures these attributes and the breed’s history might be fitting. Drawing from popular dog names, unique Chesapeake traits, and a touch of creativity, we’ve compiled an alphabetically arranged list of 101 female dog names, each with a brief meaning. Explore to find a name that aligns with your dog’s personality and your personal taste.

101 Girl Chesapeake Bay Retriever Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Aqua: An ideal name for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who loves water.
  2. Amber: Reflecting the rich color of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s coat.
  3. Aspen: Named after the graceful aspen tree.
  4. Apricot: Reflecting the warm color of your Retriever’s coat.
  5. Blossom: Because your Retriever brings new blooms of happiness into your life.
  6. Breeze: Highlighting the Retriever’s affinity for the cool breeze of the bay.
  7. Belle: A classic, lovely name meaning “beautiful.”
  8. Bay: A fitting name that reflects the breed’s name and love for the water.
  9. Coral: Inspired by the sea, a great fit for your water-loving Retriever.
  10. Coco: A warm and sweet name for a warm and sweet Retriever.
  11. Cascade: Reflecting the waterfalls that your Retriever might love.
  12. Cypress: Named after the resilient tree, for a resilient breed.
  13. Daffodil: A bright and cheerful flower for a bright and cheerful Retriever.
  14. Dew: For a Retriever who loves the cool mornings by the bay.
  15. Delta: After the river mouth, suitable for a water-loving breed.
  16. Daisy: A classic and popular dog name, as bright and cheerful as your pup.
  17. Echo: A name fitting for a smart and responsive Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
  18. Estuary: A place where the river meets the sea, much like the Chesapeake Bay.
  19. Eve: A classic name for a classic breed.
  20. Emerald: A precious green stone, reflecting the eyes of your Retriever.
  21. Feather: A light and playful name for a light and playful Retriever.
  22. Frost: For a Retriever with a light-colored coat.
  23. Flora: Celebrating the natural beauty of the outdoors that this breed loves.
  24. Fern: Reflecting the breed’s love for the outdoors.
  25. Grace: Signifying the elegant movements of your Retriever.
  26. Ginger: For a Retriever with a reddish coat.
  27. Goldie: Perfect for a Retriever with a golden brown coat.
  28. Gale: Reflecting the strong and energetic nature of the breed.
  29. Heather: After the beautiful flowering plant.
  30. Harmony: Reflecting the peaceful nature of the breed.
  31. Honey: A sweet and warm name for your sweet Retriever.
  32. Harbor: Another water-related name to echo the breed’s affinity for the water.
  33. Island: Because your Retriever loves swimming and water, just like an island.
  34. Ivy: Symbolizing the breed’s love for the outdoors.
  35. Indigo: A deep and beautiful color, just like the Retriever’s coat.
  36. Iris: A classic flower name for a classic breed.
  37. Juniper: Named after the fragrant plant, for a sweet Retriever.
  38. Jasmine: A fragrant flower for your sweet-smelling Retriever.
  39. Jade: After the precious green stone, for your precious Retriever.
  40. Jetty: Named after the structure where the sea meets the shore, a fitting name for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
  41. Kelpie: After the mythical water spirit, perfect for your water-loving dog.
  42. Kiwi: A fun and fruity name for a fun and lively Retriever.
  43. Kalea: A Hawaiian name meaning “bright,” perfect for your bright Retriever.
  44. Kai: A Hawaiian name meaning “sea,” perfect for a water-loving breed.
  45. Lilac: A sweet and fragrant flower for your sweet Retriever.
  46. Lagoon: Reflecting the breed’s love for the water.
  47. Luna: A mystical name for a Retriever with a beautiful silver coat.
  48. Lily: A classic, beautiful name for a beautiful breed.
  49. Misty: To depict the cool, misty mornings by the bay where the breed originated.
  50. Marina: A beautiful water-related name for a beautiful Retriever.
  51. Maple: After the beautiful tree, for a beautiful Retriever.
  52. Meadow: Reflecting the breed’s love for open spaces.
  53. Nectar: Because your Retriever is the sweetest thing in your life.
  54. Nutmeg: A warm and spicy name for a warm and friendly Retriever.
  55. Nala: A powerful name for a strong and loyal Retriever.
  56. Navy: Representing the water and the breed’s strong, brave character.
  57. Ocean: A perfect name for a breed that loves the water.
  58. Opal: Reflecting the many colors in the coat of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
  59. Opaline: After the beautiful gemstone that reflects multiple colors.
  60. Orchid: A beautiful and exotic flower, for a beautiful and exotic breed.
  61. Petal: For your delicate and beautiful Retriever.
  62. Pond: A simple water-related name for a simple, loving breed.
  63. Pebble: A cute and playful name for a cute and playful Retriever.
  64. Pearl: Precious and rare, just like your Retriever.
  65. Quill: Reflecting the breed’s intelligent and sharp nature.
  66. Quartz: After the resilient and beautiful crystal.
  67. Quillan: An Irish name meaning “cub,” for your cute Retriever pup.
  68. Quasar: A celestial name for your heavenly Retriever.
  69. Ripple: Perfect for a breed that loves to splash in the water.
  70. Rosemary: After the fragrant herb, for your sweet Retriever.
  71. Rain: A water-related name to depict the breed’s love for the water.
  72. River: Another water-related name fitting for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
  73. Sandy: A nod to the sandy shores of the Chesapeake Bay.
  74. Star: Because your Retriever shines bright in your life.
  75. Sapphire: A precious gem, just like your precious Retriever.
  76. Serenity: Because your Retriever brings peace to your life.
  77. Topaz: After the beautiful gemstone, for a beautiful Retriever.
  78. Tulip: A bright and colorful flower for a bright and colorful Retriever.
  79. Turtle: A unique, water-related name for your unique Retriever.
  80. Tide: Ideal for your Retriever who loves to play in the water.
  81. Unity: Celebrating the bond between you and your Retriever.
  82. Ursula: After the sea witch, for your magical and mysterious Retriever.
  83. Undine: A water nymph, perfect for your water-loving Retriever.
  84. Umbra: A unique name meaning “shadow,” perfect for a Retriever with a dark coat.
  85. Vale: Reflecting the valleys by the Chesapeake Bay.
  86. Vista: Reflecting the beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay.
  87. Venus: After the goddess of love, for your loving Retriever.
  88. Violet: A sweet and feminine name for a lovely Retriever.
  89. Willow: A graceful tree for a graceful Retriever.
  90. Waves: Perfect for a breed that loves to splash in the waves.
  91. Willow: Reflecting the graceful movements of a willow tree.
  92. Wren: After the small, energetic bird, for your energetic Retriever.
  93. Xanthe: A unique name meaning “golden,” perfect for a Golden Retriever.
  94. Xara: A unique name meaning “princess,” for your regal Retriever.
  95. Xena: After the warrior princess, for a strong and brave Retriever.
  96. Yara: An indigenous Brazilian name meaning “lady of the water.”
  97. Yasmine: A fragrant flower, just like your fragrant Retriever.
  98. Yucca: After the resilient desert plant, for a resilient Retriever.
  99. Zinnia: A bright and colorful flower for a bright and colorful Retriever.
  100. Zenith: Because your Retriever is the highest point of your happiness.
  101. Zephyr: A cool and flowing name, much like the water your Retriever loves.

Congratulations on your new Chesapeake Bay Retriever! Choosing the right name is the first step towards a wonderful journey of companionship. Whether you’re inspired by their love for the water, their rich coat colors, or their playful and energetic nature, this extensive list provides plenty of choices. May your dog’s name enhance the bond between you two and reflect the joy they bring into your life.

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