11-Year-Old Girl and Her Eight Dogs Wow T.V. Viewers With Conga Line

A young girl and her family of dogs are dancing their way across Europe. 11-year-old Alexa Lauenburger recently won the golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent! She couldn’t do it alone so naturally, she enlisted her eight dancing doggies.

Alexa hails from Gokels, Germany. Her father, Wolfgang, also works with the dogs but the recent BGT win was all Alexa. The dogs jumped through hoops, hopped into her arms, and bounced over each other in gravity-defying stunts!

A Dance Routine You Have to See to Believe

The grand finale though was possibly the best dance routine of all time. I mean, who can resist an eight dog conga line! Yes, you read that correctly. A total of two feet and 32 paws danced across the stage in perfect unison!

Alexa led the pack as her dogs joined in one by one. Each held on with two paws to the fluffy waist in front of them as they shimmied and boogied across the stage.  These dancing doggos even went as far as to line up according to size with the pipsqueaks bringing up the rear.

A Golden Buzzer and High Praise

Ant and Dec were so impressed that they ran over and pushed the golden buzzer themselves! 

“This is one of the best acts we’ve ever had, this is pure unadulterated joy,” Judge David Williams said of the performance.

Audience members and home viewers were brought to tears from pure happiness. In a time where the world seems to be in constant chaos and strife, the innocence of a young girl and her fur family was something everyone needed.

Celebrities, citizens, and ever four-legged fans around the globe took to social media to express their happiness!


Even furbabies at home watched with amazement!

Some called it the best thing they’ve ever seen.


Alexa has trained three of the dogs herself. The group also won Das Super Talent in Germany in 2017 when Alexa was just 10 years old before taking the stage at BGT.

“After we won, it was crazy. Everyone wanted to meet my dog. They were superstars!” Alexa said. “I wish I could train the dogs all day but I have to go to school.”

The dancing dogs are named Jenny, Sabrina, Nala, Sally, Maya, Specky, Katy and Emma. This fierce female phenomenon might just be the greatest girl group of the century!

h/t: @AlexaLauenburgerundHunde/Facebook

Featured Photo: @startattle/Twitter

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