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15 Dog Breeds That Are Independent Companions

Written by: Scott H
Scott Haiduc is the Director of Publishing for iHeartDogs, iHeartCats and The Hero Company. When not working, Scott spends his time on the farm, taking care of his animals and crops.Read more
| Published on July 12, 2015

All dogs are individuals and many characteristics vary from dog to dog, but some breeds are known for having certain traits. Labrador Retrievers are known for loving water and being affectionate with their families, Bulldogs are known for being lazy and goofy and some breeds are known for their independence. In fact, a lot of dog breeds are considered to be more cat-like in attitude than most. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of those independent breeds.

#1 – Akita


The Akita is a large Japanese dog that is powerful, independent and very loyal to its family. There is debate about two variations of the breed, the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. Some enthusiasts consider them separate breeds, while others do not.

#2 – Afghan Hound


The Afghan Hound is a large, elegant sighthound originally used for hunting and coursing. They are one of the most ancient dog breeds still in existence. They are aloof and dignified dogs that are relatively independent of their owners, but are known for being affectionate and clownish at times.

#3 – Chow Chow


Chow Chows are a medium-sized and heavily coated breed from China, where they were used as general purpose working dogs. Today they are mostly kept as pets and are known for being independent, aloof and even cat-like in temperament.

#4 – Alaskan Malamute


This large working dog was and still is used for sledding and carting. They originate in the harsh winter environments of the far north and their independence makes them effective workers. Because of their origin, they have temperaments that are somewhat primitive compared to other modern breeds.

#5 – Shiba Inu


The Shiba Inu is a small Japanese dog, similar in appearance to the Akita outside of size. Shiba owners note that the breed is very cat-like and independent, even going so far as to wash its legs and feet the way cats do.

#6 – Cairn Terrier


The Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds and is known for its independent and energetic demeanor. They are very active dogs, even indoors, and are not suitable for those looking for a pet that will be relaxed in the house. Because of this, however, they do very well in training.

#7 – Basenji


The Basenji is a small- to medium-sized African dog breed that is known mostly for the yodeling sound it makes. They are reserved and independent dogs, true to their primitive ancestry, and are not to be trusted around other small animals due to their high prey drive.

#8 – Scottish Terrier


The Scottish Terrier is a popular little dog that, true to its terrier heritage, is relatively independent and strong-willed. They are small but sturdy, territorial and energetic dogs that are not often the best choice for a novice handler.

#9 – Greyhound


The Greyhound is probably the most well-known of the sighthounds and is an ancient breed originally used for hunting and racing. Despite their independent nature, they are very gentle dogs that are relatively lazy indoors, often considered couch-potatoes.

#10 – Korean Jindo


The Jindo is becoming more popular outside of its home country of Korea, but the breed is very aloof and independent, making it unsuitable for novice owners. That said, they are known for their deep loyalty to their families and their gentle nature.

#11 – Airedale Terrier


The largest of the terriers, the Airedale is a powerful, strong-willed breed. Originally used to hunt otters, it has also been used as a military and police dog. Their independent nature comes from their hunting heritage, as the dogs were bred and trained to hunt alone.

#12 – Shar-Pei


The Shar-Pei is a Chinese dog notable for its excessive wrinkles and prickly fur. Originally used as guard dogs, they are suspicious of strangers and are loyal to but independent of their owners. Early training and socialization is especially important in this breed to avoid aggression problems later.

#13 – Siberian Husky


Although bred to pull sleds in packs, the Siberian Husky is an independent and intelligent breed that has adapted well to life in the far north. They exhibit primitive behavior, are very active and known for being excellent escape artists. Although the breed is beautiful enough to catch the eye of many potential owners, they are often not the best breed for those unfamiliar with working dogs.

#14 – Manchester Terrier


The Manchester Terrier was originally used as a rat and rabbit hunting dog with a tenacious temperament and strong-willed demeanor. They are considered the oldest of the terrier breeds and are independent but deeply loyal to their families.

#15 – Bearded Collie


The Bearded Collie is a working dog used for herding sheep and cattle. They are sturdily built and reliable dogs, able to withstand harsh weather. They are very stubborn and independent dogs but also very friendly and charismatic in nature.

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