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31 Unique Corgi Names [with PICS!]

| Published on September 22, 2022

Are you bringing up a new Corgi and looking for a unique, original or funny Corgi name? Whether you’re bringing home a new Corgi puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Corgi Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your Corgi have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Corgi.

31 Original Corgi Puppy Name Ideas

(L) Waylon – 4 (R) Vinny 10

Author: Marlene J.

My sweet boy Mochi

Author: Nika V.

Blaina is one of 3, but the only one with a unique name.

Author: Jennifer P.

This is Tanker. We rescued him a few years ago as a ‘geriatric corgi missing most of his teeth and with behavior problems.’ (Their words, not mine.) We have no idea what his name meant, but he knew it, so we kept it. He lived with us a few years and worked with me as a therapy dog helping countless people work through trauma and mental health issues before he passed away during the pandemic. He was an *amazing* doggo!

Author: Christopher M.

This is Tweek 11 next month

Author: Dave W.

Olive my sweet girl.

Author: Amber S.

This is Skittles, he’s 15 1/2 weeks old.

Author: Stacey Kindt W.

This is Pollux, his litter mate is Castor. He was a rescue and it must have been fate since I am a Gemini!

Author: Tracey M.

He’s a cowboy corgi so of course his name is ‘Wayne’…..John Wayne

Author: Caren M.

Our beautiful boy is called ArloBut our girls Also call him Arlocity, the bab boy , the king, lossi, bugger boy, Mr A

Author: Heidi C.

Pumpernickel & Honey Wheat

Author: Dan K.

Sweet potato

Author: Crystal Riggs C.

Darrel my handsome boy.

Author: Amber S.

This is Apollo he is 4 yrs old and loves people!!!

Author: Barb Bricker B.


Author: Cher Choens S.

Tipsy river

Author: Sara W.


Author: Amy H.


Author: Janet G.

She is half Corgi/ half Beagle. Roxy Doodle Dandy.

Author: Sara Doherty H.

Madoc, after the 11th century Welsh prince said to have made a journey to the Americas long before Columbus.

Author: Jessicah P.


Author: Melinda F.


Author: Brian Z.

Sadie Rae

Author: Brian Z.

Radar He thinks he is helping me fold a curtain.

Author: Marjorie Coffey B.


Author: Charlie M.

Harrison Humphries Siegfried-Wittig After Harrison Ford and Mr. Humphries from ‘Are You Being Served?’, and then our last names.

Author: Mark A.

Thibaut Pinot

Author: Beverly P.

This is Breagha aged 4

Author: Bill G.

This is Kokomo- age 3. We also call her Kokomo Tornado Jones.

Author: Bethany W.


Author: Anastasia L.

Klaus aka fat boy (almost 2)

Author: Patricia B.

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