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4 Unforgettable Ways To Honor The Life of a Dog Who Passed Away

Dogs’ lives aren’t nearly long enough. In fact, I think that’s their only flaw.

When it comes time to say goodbye to our beloved pups, we all long for more time. The best we can do is cherish the memories they’ve left us with.

In this post I wanted to share some popular and meaningful ways to remember your furry friend.

1. Plant New Life in Their Honor

Planting a special tree or shrub in memory of your beloved pup is especially meaningful because of the fact that you are creating new life. Every time you see this special plant, you can smile and remember their life.

2. Donate a Care Package to a Shelter Dog in Their Memory

Many bereaved dog owners have mixed feelings about immediately adopting a new dog right after a loss. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t make an impact on the life of a homeless pup. has an awesome care package program that allows you to donate food, vaccinations, bedding, and toys to a needy pup.


3. Get Some Ink!

While clearly not for everyone, some dog owners choose to etch a permanent memory of their pup on their skin. Pinterest has some great tattoo design ideas, if this option interests you.

Source: @X0_Beth/Instagram


4. Bring Your Pup’s Memory With You Wherever You Go (and Give Back)

If you could bring something everywhere with you that reminds you of your precious pup, wouldn’t you? How about if they gave back to shelter dogs? A beautiful bracelet or keychain serves as a gorgeous reminder of the love your dog shared with you. Each piece gives meals to shelter dogs in need.

Written by Justin Palmer

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