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44 Unique Pit Bull Names [with PICS!]

| Published on September 17, 2022

Are you bringing up a new Pit Bull and looking for a unique, original or funny Pit Bull name? Whether you’re bringing home a new Pit Bull puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Pit Bull Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your Pit Bull have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Pit Bull.

44 Original Pit Bull Puppy Name Ideas

Her name was PoohBear…but she came to PoohB, Boobie, Doof, LoverBun, Oogie, Figgers and anything food or treat related

Author: Pat J.

My Pit-Pei, Razr. He was named after the phone used to save his life. Found abandoned as a pup, brought home and been my ride or die for over 10 yrs now.

Author: Karen S.

Samari which means A Gift From God

Author: Heaven G.

His name is Koa….. He has a Hawaiian name Meaning brave, bold and fearless

Author: Jamie F.

His name is Hades,His mother was named Coco Chanel

Author: Allen D B.

Knux short for knucklehead. When we went to see him at the humane society he was acting silly like a knucklehead.

Author: Erin P.

Pepper cuz she looks like she sneezed in a bowl of pepper!

Author: Tonya B.

This is Sisky. I found him as an abandoned 2 pound puppy almost 11 years ago. As we went through name ideas we settled for Sisky, the name the bassist from the band The Academy Is goes by.

Author: Gina G.

This is moon She’s a rescue her old owner made her stay in a kennel and would beat on her she would not trust anyone and would growl at me because she was afraid of men but she’s a good girl now and lives a good life as a inside dog that even gets along with the Cats 

Author: Neal W.

Echo (left) and Maggie Mae. Echo got her name from the rescue we got her from and boy, does she live up to her name

Author: Tracy A.

His name Is Shuckle. If you met my dog it fits his personality so well

Author: Brittany G.

My grandson calls him Meatloaf but his real name is Smokey Bear…

Author: Kathy Leidenfrost S.

This was my bestest girl Rogue, she turned 8 this past March, and left me in May from Cancer!

Author: Melanie S.

BadNews our handsome ol boy

Author: Becca B.

Sugah. But I call her extended versions LoL. SugahPop, SugahBoo, SugahBaby, Sugahfoot, and Sugah Bear. She answers to them all

Author: Shel W.

This Toby, he already had that name when we rescued him. We were going to change it, but it just fits him.

Author: Kimberly M F.

This is Rebel. Looks sweet and innocent but always looking around to see what trouble he can get into!

Author: Beckie B.

This is my sweet boy Busa (all brindle) and his littermate Patty. His name comes from the Hayabusa motorcycle . Patty is for the ring on her eye because it looks like a peppermint Patty.

Author: Nicky H.

This is Ziggy my granddaughter Olivia’s doggie he like the trampoline

Author: Karen H.

Adam, from Adam West the originalBatman. I did not crop his ears, he was from a cruelty case.

Author: Michelle L.

He doesn’t have a weird name but that’s my Leo he’s my buddy love him so much

Author: Diann N.

Kodak, 4 yrs, owner surrendered 3 yrs ago & he’s mine, sweet baby boy!

Author: Karen C.

Hello everyone, I was adopted 5 years ago and the fantastic group of people who brought me from Alabama to Wisconsin where fantastic and gave me my name Naji and my grandma just loved it!! Means savior

Author: Jane G.

Our Samasama for his means yellow in Samoan for his yellow eyes, we called him “Sama” for short. Lord sent him to us off the street with imbedded chain marks on his neck and ribs showing he was so malnourished we were blessed to have him for a 11 yrs

Author: Candis P.

Our last pitties were Harley & Brandy. They’ve been gone a few years, but we still love them and miss them a lot.

Author: Melissa H.

Ruger Roo! Adopted him a few months ago

Author: Hailey W.

Adopted him as a baby from a local Humane Society. He is Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull. His name given by his Foster momma who had to bottle feed him was Wendell.We never changed it. So meet Wendell

Author: Krystine Rae E.

this is my girl Meadow. she was a rescue. she turned 5 on the 14th of September

Author: Melissa M.

This is my Penny (Penny Lane). My rescue, named for the Beatles song. She’s a clingy mamma’s girl. Her brother, Sir Lucius, belongs to my daughter…and he has black ‘cow print’.

Author: Bettie C.

Memphis but sometimes its Doofus too depending on how you are and how you can pronounce his name.

Author: San Marie H.

This is my baby girl Safaria. I’ve had her 9 years already, she’s the best dog I’ve had come into my life. that’s her favorite ball

Author: Jessica K.

This is my baby girl Bougie Lola Carmel Sundae. She thinks everything is hers and she has to be everywhere we are because she is afraid she is going to miss out on something

Author: Jennifer Boerner B.

Turkey dirt….. Turkey because he was born on Thanksgiving and middle name dirt because he loves to play in it

Author: Jay Bubs C.

My boy Lefty he’s a little gangster. So named because of damage to his left ear.

Author: Mike H.

Bella Boo Lizard Girl Her favorite past time is chasing lizards

Author: Patty J.

Red one is Zucko black one is Mercy

Author: Ashleigh W.

Beautiful Joe. Due to being abused as a young puppy , he was named after the dog in the book of the same name.

Author: Ted D.

This is Ryker! in Danish means powerful ruler, and in German means rich.

Author: Brandi D.

Mac Anthony ColemanM.A.CWhich means Mastered the Art of Communication

Author: Fabian C.

Trouble is his name and boy has he earned it

Author: Kristita M.

Our pit has about 12 different names but the one we use the most is PeaPie. She’s completely deaf so it’s more for our benefit than hers lol

Author: Christopher K.

My girls BACARDI & ZEMA(mother and daughter)

Author: Robin W.

When I adopted him at 11 mo the guy said his name was tank (he only had him a few months) but he didn’t respond to the name at all. All his paperwork just had ‘X’ written in name. I said X and he immediately responded now he’s almost 11 yrs. Such a sweet old man

Author: Jennifer C.

Money and Lucious

Author: Sparkle D.

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