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5 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense About Humans

Dogs are extremely keen, intuitive animals that we learn more about every day. It’s recently been discovered that some dogs are able to warn their epileptic owners before a seizure happens, or notify their diabetic owners if their blood sugar is too low. These amazing things haven’t yet been able to be trained and only some dogs display the behavior. But there are things that all dogs can sense about humans, and they’re pretty amazing.

#1 – Your Mood


It shouldn’t be surprising that dogs can sense what mood we’re in. Dogs will often become very stressed when we’re stressed or angry and they’ll often become clingy if we’re sad. In fact, many dog trainers have noticed the difference in results they get from their dogs depending on the mood the trainer is in at the time.

#2 – When You’re Not Paying Attention


Dogs are intelligent and just like people, they know when we aren’t paying attention. Have you ever noticed that you lost sight of your pooch for just 10 seconds and that’s when he stole the hamburger off the table? Dogs know exactly the right time to make their sneaky moves because they know when we aren’t watching, even if we’re standing right there!

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