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5 Futuristic Dog Products We’re Totally In Love With

| Published on January 27, 2015

As technology continues to advance, so do dog products. These futuristic products are taking dog care into the next decade and beyond, with some advancements geared toward making your dog’s life richer, healthier and safer.

#1 – Arden Collar™

This is going to be a game changer in getting your pet home safe should she wander.  Created by famous Canadian singer/songwriter/author Jann Arden and top 50 iOS developer Derek Sheldon, the Arden Collar allows you to instantly see where your pet is using your smartphone. In addition, it has bright lights (visible for a mile!) that begin flashing as soon as you activate it so your dog will be noticed by others. Pre-order now.

#2 – PupPod

Ever thought your dog would enjoy playing video games? The makers of PupPod thought so and are working on the world’s first gaming console for dogs! It is a closed-loop system that lets dog’s play on their own.  The dog hears an audio command, has to figure out what action to take with their toys, and when they take the correct action, they get a treat. And no, that is not a KONG, but part of the high-tech game console. Interested? They plan on offering a few betas on Kickstarter in the near future, find out when by following their Facebook page.

Image source: PupPod
Image source: PupPod

#3 –  VOYCE

A lot of futuristic movies and shows contain products that monitor our health 24/7. Well, the future is almost here, for our dogs at least, with the VOYCE collar, which debuts in March. This health and wellness band monitors everything about your dog’s vital signs and also sets reminders/goals and stores medical records that can be downloaded for the vet.

mage source: VOYCE
Image source: VOYCE

#4 – Brolly Dog Leash

After decades of the “same old leash,” comes an advancement that is way past due. The Brolly dog leash provides more comfort and support than traditional dog leashes, prevents against dropped leashes and rope burns, and puts owners truly in control of their dogs. It is made from a squeezable material that is strength tested. Bonus – you can text while maintaining control of your dog.

Image source: Brolly
Image source: Brolly

#5 – Wake&Wag

Although already on the market, this amazing, high-tech bed is worth mentioning.  It’s inspired by SKYDEX mattresses designed for the U.S. military, and the same patented technology deployed in the military mattress can be found in these dog beds. This material is not only known for bouncing back and resisting cuts, scratches and tears, it’s instantly and infinitely responsive to your dog’s position, weight and pressure points. Wake&Wag supports your dog’s body in perfect alignment, provides a supportive and responsive innerspring and handles shifting without sagging or instability. Even “orthopedic dog beds” made of memory foam can’t do all that.

Image source:
Image source:

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