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5 Genius Homemade “No-Bake” Dog Treats

Not everyone is a whiz in the kitchen, but it’s fun (and safer!) to make your own treats for your fur kids. These 5 treats are NO BAKE and are great for any occasion (there is even one for bad breath!)

#1 – Bacon Frozen Yogurt Pupsicle

This tasty treat has 2TB nonfat organic Greek yogurt, half a piece all-natural bacon chopped up, and a bully stick. Put in a Dixie cup and freeze!



#2 – Applesauce Frozen Yogurt

Just take 2TB nonfat organic Greek yogurt, 1TB organic no sugar added applesauce, place in Dixie cup and freeze. Can add other things such as blueberries or mint if you like.



#3 – Peanut Butter Apple

This is going to be your dog’s favorite! Simply slice an apple, making sure to cut away the core and seeds, then stick back together using peanut butter and freeze!



#4 – Fresh Breath Frozen Yogurt

Have a dog with stinky breath? This will solve that! Take 2TB nonfat organic Greek yogurt, 1/4tsp peppermint, and freeze. Good-bye dog breath.



#5 – Carrot Ball

You know those old-fashioned popcorn balls? Well here is the doggy-version. Just take two peeled carrots and chop into large pieces. Mix together in a bowl roughly 2TB each of nonfat organic Greek yogurt and organic no sugar added applesauce. Take your carrots, place on top of the mixture and then, using your hands, wrap carrots around to form a ball, then freeze.


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Written by Kristina Lotz
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