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5 Safety Items Every Dog Owner Should Own

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on September 12, 2015

With dog ownership comes great responsibility, as we need to ensure our pet’s safety and happiness. Further, we need to make sure they’re good canine citizens that don’t cause trouble for our neighbors and family. People often wonder what items are necessary when owning a dog and there are hundreds of thousands of various dog-related items on the market. But which are really necessary?

#1 – Identification


There are many different types of identification available for your dog, so there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to be lacking in this area. A collar and ID tag and a microchip are probably the most common ways to identify your pet. Should they ever get loose, you’re much more likely to have them returned to you. On top of getting this identification in the first place, be sure to keep the information current.

#2 – Crate


Crate training is still debatable for many, but most dog trainers, veterinarians and behaviorists believe it’s one of the best things we can do for our dogs. Not only do crates assist in many other training areas, but they also give our dogs shelter and a place to feel safe. Imagine your dog is uncomfortable being around large groups of people. Wouldn’t you rather them feel safe and secure by being able to sleep in their crate in another room? If you’re having people over that don’t like dogs, remodeling any part of your house, or need your pet safely confined for any reason, crates are the best option. Plus, they make travel much safer as well.

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#3 – Properly Sized Toys


There are many unfortunate stories around about dogs choking on their toys, often leading to their deaths. While the tennis ball might seem like the average dog ball, it’s much too small for many dogs and poses a very serious choking hazard. Do research on what toys are best for the type of dog you have – size, activity level and chewing habits are all important in making sure you purchase toys that are safe for your dog. In general, you want to make sure no balls can fit behind your dog’s largest molars and no chew toys are able to be broken into tiny pieces.

#4 – The Right Leash & Harness

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Depending on the type of dog you have, the important thing is to make sure that your dog is comfortable in the harness and that you’re able to handle the leash on regular walks and in the event of an emergency. A leash too long will get tangled, too rough and it may burn your hands.

#5 – First Aid Kit

While most people have first aid kits for themselves, they often don’t think about setting one up for their dogs. But, especially if you have an active canine companion, dogs have accidents and can hurt themselves, get stung by bees, or even ingest something they shouldn’t have. On your way to the veterinarian, you can hopefully ease their discomfort and increase their chances for recovery if you’re able to assist them. You can purchase a pre-made canine first aid kit or make one at home with the help and advice of your veterinarian.

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