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5 Tips for Teaching Your Chihuahua Not to Jump on People

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 13, 2023

The Chihuahua, with its petite size and boundless energy, is known for being a big personality in a small package. While their leaps may seem cute and harmless, allowing your Chihuahua to jump on people can lead to uncontrolled behavior or even injuries. Here are five tips for teaching your Chihuahua not to jump on people.

⚠️ Note: While the tips below should get you started, it’s important to realize that for best results, you should take your German Shepherd through a more complete dog training course. Consider looking into an online training course that specifically addresses jumping (we like SpiritDog’s “Focus” course or K9 Institute’s Dog Masterclass)

1. Implement Early Training and Consistency

Start training your Chihuahua as early as possible. Puppies tend to learn faster and adapt easier to behavior modifications. However, even older Chihuahuas can be taught new habits. Remember that consistency is key. Ensure all household members are on board and understand that your Chihuahua should not be encouraged to jump on people, regardless of how cute it may appear.

2. Teach an Alternate Behavior

Instead of jumping, teach your Chihuahua a different, more acceptable behavior. “Sit” is a useful command as it’s incompatible with jumping. Whenever your Chihuahua tries to jump, ask them to sit. Be sure to immediately reward them with a treat or praise when they follow the command. Over time, they will learn that sitting when greeting people is much more beneficial than jumping.

3. Ignoring Technique

Chihuahuas, like most dogs, jump on people to seek attention. By responding to your Chihuahua when they jump, even negatively, you inadvertently reinforce the behavior. Instead, try the ignoring technique. When your Chihuahua jumps, avoid eye contact, don’t speak or touch them, and turn your back if needed. When they calm down and keep their feet on the floor, reward them with attention and praise.

4. Use the Leash to Control Jumping

Using a leash can be an effective tool for controlling your Chihuahua’s jumping habit. When you have guests or you are out on a walk, keep your Chihuahua on a short leash. If they attempt to jump, the leash will prevent them from reaching their target. Once they settle down and remain calm with all four paws on the ground, reward them with a treat or praise.

5. Explore Online Dog Training Courses

If you’re finding it challenging to train your Chihuahua, consider enrolling in an online dog training course. These courses often provide in-depth guidance, practical demonstrations, and personalized support to help you understand your dog’s behavior and train them effectively. An online course can equip you with the necessary skills to manage not only jumping but also other unwanted behaviors. Always opt for courses that emphasize positive reinforcement techniques as these are the most humane and effective training methods.

Our 2 favorite courses that address dogs jumping on people are:

1. SpiritDog’s Focus Course (best on a budget)

The “Focus in Public – Out and About” course by SpiritDog Training, led by expert trainer Steffi Trott, is designed to help dog owners improve their pets’ behavior in public. The course includes 21 lessons covering topics such as achieving full dog engagement, training perfect heels, teaching dogs to settle on a mat anywhere, and playing fun games in public places. The course has lifetime access and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

2. K9 Training Institute’s “Dog Masterclass” (best overall)

More than just a course that teaches your dog not to jump, this more comprehensive training class tackles any behavior problem you might face with your dog.

In conclusion, teaching your Chihuahua not to jump on people requires patience, consistency, and a good understanding of positive reinforcement training methods. Whether you choose to teach your Chihuahua by yourself or with the help of an online course, remember that the goal is to foster a respectful and loving relationship with your pet.

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