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6 Dog Breeds That Have Changed Significantly Over Time

Dogs have been domesticated by humans for centuries, and even certain breeds have been around almost as long. Almost all breeds have developed a special look based somewhat on their function. While many functions, such as hunting and carting, have been lost over the years, dogs are increasingly bred more for the conformation show ring. Dog shows aren’t anything new, however; the AKC was founded in 1884 and the first Westminster dog show held in 1877. Breeders of all dogs have spent years and even lifetimes trying to maintain and improve their beloved dogs, and it’s not surprising that changes happen. Unfortunately, those changes may not always affect the breeds in a positive way. If you haven’t had a chance to look into the history of dog breeds, it’s worth the reading! Here we’ve compiled a list of six dog breeds that have changed significantly since their origin.

#1 – Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier 1915
Bull Terrier, 1915.
Bull Terrier New
Modern Bull Terrier.

The Bull Terrier originated as a bull baiting dog until the sport was outlawed. While they’re most iconic feature is their egg-shaped head, the breed did not start out that way. The dogs in the mid-19th century typically had a normal stop, that has managed to disappear and turn convexed.

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