6 Natural Ingredients To Soothe & Heal Your Dog’s Dry Nose

Sometimes busy snouts need dog nose moisturizer thanks to the chapping and dryness that can result from sniffing out the smells of the world.

The moist, spongy skin of the canine nose captures scents “tens of thousands of times” more efficiently than our own. It is the tool dogs use to investigate the world around them, but those noses take a beating from the elements.

Since pups effectively “see the world through their noses,” the skin is constantly exposed to sunlight, extreme temperatures, allergens, and various substances that can cause dryness, chapping, and cracking.

But you can help soothe a sore sniffer with moisturizer for dog noses!

dog nose moisturizer Does your dog’s nose need a moisturizer? 

Natural Moisturizers for Dog Noses  

Without a moist, healthy nose, your dog cannot efficiently explore the neighborhood or recognize his favorite scent – you! Luckily, there are several safe, natural ingredients you can apply topically to help soothe and heal your pup’s dry nose. (Tip: if you need some help finding these ingredients, there are dozens of natural dog nose balms on Chewy or Amazon)

1. Shea Butter

Humans often use shea butter to soften their own dry skin and it works just as well on crusty dog noses! It is completely pup-safe in small amounts and can also be used to soothe dry paws and elbows.

dog nose moisturizer Olive oil isn’t just for cooking! It can moisturize dry dog noses too! 

2. Olive Oil

Almost every kitchen has a bottle of olive oil for cooking, but this household favorite can also be used on dry noses, paws, and ears. You can even add a teaspoon to your dog’s meals to promote healthy skin from the inside out.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is comprised of 90% Ricinoleic acid which provides powerful healing properties for dry, irritated skin. Just remember, a little goes a long way! You do not want your dog to lick away excess castor oil as it also acts as a powerful laxative and may cause diarrhea.

dry dog noseDog nose moisturizers help keep snoots soft for the snuggling! 

4. Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is a highly effective, easily absorbed skin softener and conditioner. It contains a number of important fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to soothe dry, irritated dog snouts.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the safest, most effective moisturizers found in nature. It not only restores moisture to your dog’s dry nose, but it also helps improve skin elasticity with its many vitamins and minerals. Be sure to choose an organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil that is 100% natural and unprocessed.

dry dog nose
Dry dog noses can benefit from coconut oil and it smells good too. 

6. Cocoa Seed Butter

Cocoa seed butter effectively softens and conditions dry, cracked, chafed, and sunburned dog noses and can also be used to moisturize rough paw pads and elbows.

(Many dog parents are hesitant to use anything with the word “cocoa” in the ingredients, and rightly so. Cocoa seed butter is safe to use on your pup because even though it is derived from the seeds of the cacao tree, it does not contain the dangerous ingredients that make chocolate toxic to dogs.)


Better Yet, Use All 6 of The Ingredients Above!

Each one of the oils above has its own unique properties and viscosity to help moisturize dog noses. Choosing a nose balm product (many available on Chewy or Amazon) with all 6 of these natural ingredients ensures that lighter oils will be absorbed quickly for fast relief, and heavier oils will stick around for long-lasting relief. After all, moisture is a key ingredient for a healthy dog nose!

All-natural butter balms can help soothe and heal your dog’s dry nose so they can get back to snooping!

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