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7 Useful Obedience Commands That Will Make Your Life Easier

All dogs should have some sort of basic obedience training, but unfortunately many owners seem get lazy and lose interest in training their dogs. This is bad not only because you’re likely to end up with an uncontrollable dog with bad manners, but it will make your dog unhappy because they end up having no structure and no idea what you want from them. But beyond basic manners and house training, there are other commands you can teach your dog that will make your life easier. If you’re bored with sit and down stays, try training these tricks and see how you can apply them to daily life with your pup.

#1 – Place


Teaching a place command is a great way to get your dog to go to their bed or crate without you having to put up a fight. Rather than leaving them in a down stay on the floor while you have friends and family visit, you can teach your dog to go directly to their bed so have somewhere comfortable to relax while they’re waiting for you to release them. More often than not, dogs will start going to bed or crate by themselves when they’re tired or want to relax.

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