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7 Ways Your Pup Is Secretly Telling You He’s Stressed

When something is wrong, our beloved canine companions don’t have the luxury of being able to tell us what’s bothering them. Not using words at least. There are several ways our pups secretly tell us they’re stressed. They communicate with us nonverbally through their body language and actions. Think about the last time you took your pup to…​dare I say it…the​ V-E-T. Here are 7 ways to tell if your pup is stressed.

1. They Shiver

I’m a proud parent of a 5lb Chihuahua, so this is the first sign I notice when she’s stressed. If your dog is shaking like a leaf, there’s obviously something wrong. Sometimes, dogs shake for other reasons, too. For instance, they could be cold or sick.


2. They Use the “Potty”

Even the most obedient, well-trained pooches are prone to this problem. When our pups are scared, it is common for them to lose bladder control. They may also lose control of their bowel. As dog parents, most of us know our dogs are like children. Our beloved pups can be very childlike. Just as children sometimes have “accidents”, our pups are no different!

3. They Whine

It’s instinctive for dogs to whine when they are trying to tell us something. It.s their own little way of self-expression. Oftentimes, it can be cute when our pup whines to let us know he wants our attention. However, this behavior isn’t always cute and innocent. Dogs often whine when they are stressed (​Again, think of the Vet’s office!)​ . Wolf pups whine to their mothers to express what they want or need. So, our beloved pups are no different. Like wolves, pups will whine to express a need to their humans.


4. They Change Their Disposition

Our dogs’ eyes are ​very​ expressive.When pooches are scared, they may display pitiful, droopy eyes. BEWARE: “puppy dog eyes” can also be a trick used to steal that ​burger​ from your hands! Our pups are smart; they use this to their advantage. My Chihuahua gives me this look everyday when I am eating. Sometimes, you may even see a teardrop or two…aww! If your pup’s eyes are unusually glossy, he may be trying to tell you something’s wrong.

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