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7-Year-Old With Cancer Finally Gets The Puppy She Wished For From Santa

Cancer is something that no one should have to go through, especially a child. So 7-year-old Makaela Mongo’s mom wanted to bring joy and companionship into her little girl’s life – in the form of a puppy.

Since it’s the most magical time of year, they wanted to grant Makaela’s wish for Christmas, and decided that Santa himself should present her with the family’s new addition!

Carman Richison, Mikaela’s mom, had planned to take her daughter to get some Christmas pictures taken at Rosecrans Picture Perfect Photography. The owner, Mary Rosecrans, takes photos of families who’ve been affected by cancer for free.

The mom and photographer planned on having Santa give Mikaela her new puppy during the photo shoot. She’d been asking for a dog for awhile, and despite battling bone cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, and even having her leg amputated, she’s always optimistic and upbeat. This young fighter more than deserves the little furry companion that she’s been asking for.

Image Source: Screen Shot via ABC News

“She’s been wanting to have that companionship, wanting that responsibility and saying, ‘Mommy, I can do it. I can be responsible.’ So, I was really happy for her,” mom Richison told ABC News.

Rosecrans was excited to be in on the plan – in fact, it was her idea! From the moment she met Makaela, she knew this little girl was special.

“What I noticed about Makaela was she always worried about her mom. She’s always so concerned how her mom’s going to handle the next surgery, the next bout with chemo. At 7 years old, she’s selfless, which I think is pretty rare.”

Image Source: Screen Shot via ABC News

So Makaela went to sit on Santa’s lap, smiling for pictures, when out came a Yorkie puppy! A look of pure joy lit up her face.

“She was shocked because she really had no idea,” Richison said in the story. “She was happy and surprised, but a little bit scared too. Santa had to leave and right when Santa left, she didn’t know she was really taking this dog home. I said, ‘What do you mean? Santa doesn’t take gifts back honey.'”

That’s when reality set in: she finally got her furry friend!

“As soon as she knew this was our dog, she was ecstatic,” Richison explained.

Image Source: Screen Shot via ABC News

Makaela decided to name the puppy Jaxon.

There are few people who deserve the loyalty and love of a dog more than Makaela! We wish this family health and happiness, and of course, a very Merry Christmas.

(h/t: ABC News)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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