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8 Big Dog Breeds Who Think They’re Lap Dogs


When it comes to lap dogs, most people think of a dog that fits comfortably in the shape of your lap. Not too heavy, not taking up too much space, just fitting snuggly right in. If you ask dogs, however, you’re going to get some different answers. Size doesn’t matter, these gentle giants say. They’re ready to snuggle into your lap, or onto your entire couch, at the drop of a hat. These big pups don’t want any less love than your small dogs, and we’re certain they deserve it!

#1 – Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in Switzerland as an all-purpose farm dog. They were used to guard property, drive cattle and even pull heavy carts. Because of this, they are large, somewhat imposing dogs. But don’t be fooled by their size – Berners are known for being gentle, playful and affectionate with both friends and strangers alike. They are active dogs but make a great choice for families with children.

#2 – Great Dane

The Great Dane is a popular dog breed from Germany, known for being one of the class clowns of the dog world. These gentle giants originated as boar hunting dogs, but they are more often found sleeping on couches and taking walks with their owners these days. They are very social dogs that get along well with humans, other dogs and even other animals. They do well with children when properly trained and supervised, as they do often underestimate their own size and can knock children over by accident.


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