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A Sweet Senior Dog Is This College’s Unofficial Mascot

| Published on December 21, 2017

When the students at Massey University in New Zealand think about their mascot, it may not be a sprinting wildcat or a mythical creature. Instead, what comes to many of the kids’ minds is Richie McPaw (presumably named after rugby player Richie McCaw), a 15-year-old yellow Lab that loves to traipse around campus!

Campus chaplain Jill Shaw is Richie’s mom, and he accompanies her at least once a week. The pup loves making the rounds, visiting students to ease stress and homesickness, and spreading smiles wherever he goes!

Richie can trot just about anywhere on the grounds and is welcome in almost all of the buildings (he just stays out of the places where food is served).

“Just anywhere you go, when there’s an animal in the mix, things get simple,” Shaw said in a story by Stuff. “People are complicated but he just makes everything so simple – so stress levels go down and the smile quota goes up, and everybody just feels better after a cuddle or a pat or a funny antic from Richie.”

With 5 years of loyal visits behind him, the retired guide dog is considered part of the chaplaincy team, and he’s become a regular part of life on campus. After all, a friendly, comforting pup sounds like a paw-fectly fitting mascot to us!

(h/t: Stuff)

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