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A Trail Of Cheesy Snacks Helped Save This Dog, Now Appropriately Named “Cheeto”

| Published on February 2, 2022

Between January 14th and 25th, 2022, numerous drivers in San Diego reported seeing a little Chihuahua running alongside traffic. Officers from the Humane Society’s law enforcement division and even a unit from California Highway Patrol tried in vain to capture the elusive little dog.

Dogs in trouble often see humans running towards them as threats. Typically, rescuers need to develop a multi-pronged strategy that doesn’t involve chasing. That’s what they had to do in order to save this little Chihuahua.


Cheetos And Cat Food Save The Day

On Jan. 25, someone spotted the dog on Ruffin Road and left out some Cheetos for him before calling it in. Officer Blackburn, who responded to the call, built on that strategy by creating a trail of wet cat food from the Cheetos to the nearby courtyard (the nearby business owners gave permission.)

The hungry dog snacked his way into the courtyard, and employees were able to close a gate behind him. From there, Officer Blackburn swooped in and grabbed the dog with a towel.


Safely recovered, the dog was taken in for medical care, where the San Diego Humane Society’s medical team determined he is male and about two years old. Aside from some fleas, he is in good shape.

Since the dog had no microchip or collar, he was put on “stray hold,” meaning the shelter would wait to do anything before a potential owner came forward. The hold expired on Saturday, Jan. 29, and the pup was later neutered and subsequently put up for adoption.

A Fitting Name

The shelter decided to name the dog “Cheeto Murphy” after the snack that saved him and the street he used to frequent.


Kelli Cooper Holiday, a San Diego resident who previously tried to capture little Cheeto Murphy, commented on the Humane Society’s Facebook post:

“I love his new name as they were clearly his chips of choice but I think BOLT would be a suitable middle name because every time I tried to get him to come to me he bolted!”

It’s still possible someone comes forward to claim this dog, who seems like an escaped pet. If not, the San Diego Humane Society will ensure he finds a new loving home.

For more information on this lucky little guy, contact the SDHS at 619-299-7012. You can also check out their website if you’re looking to take this dog home.

H/T: Fox 5
Featured Image: Twitter

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