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Abandoned Dog Gets A Job & A New Home At A Gas Station

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on February 16, 2017

When Sabrina Plannerer was having her Shell gas station built, she wasn’t expecting anything except to open the new business. Instead, she also ended up getting a dog.

Negão, as he’s now named, was abandoned at the construction site of Plannerer’s Shell station in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. Plannerer, the co-owner of the gas station, knew she couldn’t just leave Negão as a stray dog. Not only did she adopt the discarded pooch, she gave him a job!

He might not get a monetary salary, but he sure gets a lot of treats and tummy rubs. “We adopted him immediately and got him all the care animals need,” Plannerer told The Dodo. “We took him to the vet to get vaccinated and de-wormed. We bought him food, a dog house, and a leash to take him on walks.” Negão even got a company badge to prove his employment.

Image source: Sabrina Plannerer


Plannerer says the customers love the pooch. Negão greets them with his charming smile and wins them over instantly. Plannerer says that some of the customers even bring him toys – how’s that for a nice tip?! On his “coffee breaks,” Negão gets taken on walks by Plannerer or other human employees. He sleeps on the job quite a bit, but nobody seems to mind. It’s probably because Negão stays at the station 24/7 in order to keep all of the employees company and make them feel safe late at night.

Image source: Sabrina Plannerer


Negão has not only become a loving pet and employee, he’s a bit of a spokes-pup for a local charity called Grupo FERA, whose mission is to pair homeless dogs in need with businesses that can offer them shelter and love if they can’t find a more traditional home. Plannerer hopes that Negão encourages business owners to adopt these dogs.

Image source: Sabrina Plannerer


The Dodo interviewed a spokesperson from Grupo FERA, who stated, “It’s been sensational, encouraging people to have more respect for animals […] And workers enjoy having the companionship of a 4-legged colleague.”

We’re certainly grateful that Plannerer took the chance and offered her business to adorable Negão, and we’re hoping that other people do the same! After all, it’s clear that Negão is offering top-notch customer service!

(h/t: The Dodo)

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