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Abandoned Pit Bull Runs Toward Nervous Man, Changing His Life Forever

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on September 28, 2022

Sometimes, the perfect dog for a person is one they didn’t expect. Frank Reyes knew he wanted to adopt a dog at some point, but when someone introduced him to an abandoned Pit Bull, he was hesitant because of harmful stereotypes he had heard. But he decided to give the pup a chance.

The Pit Bull, who was later named Sinatra, was abandoned at a pet store. Despite his heartbreaking past, Sinatra ended up being full of love. Reyes couldn’t deny a special connection between him and the pup. It was meant to be!

Pit Bull cuddling with dad

Dumped Outside Store

Sinatra’s previous humans showed up at a local pet store and asked to drop him off. The employee explained that they’re a supply store and not a shelter. Instead of driving Sinatra to a shelter or rescue, the owners tied him to a cart return outside the store, and abandoned him.

When Reyes went to the veterinary hospital where Sinatra was being held, he grew nervous as the large dog ran toward him. But once Sinatra got close enough, he rolled on his back to ask for belly rubs. At that moment, Reyes knew they were meant to be best friends.

Pit Bull abandoned at pet store

“It was a lot of trial and tribulations to work with him and get to know him. But once it happened, he was my right-hand man,” said Reyes.

Sinatra was highly food motivated, so Reyes worked that into training. Eventually, he got the gentle pup to be patient with food and complete other tricks. Sinatra ended up being exactly the kind of companion Reyes needed in his life.

A Long, Meaningful Life

Thanks to Reyes’ kind heart, Sinatra had a wonderful life. The two got 11 years together, where they spent countless times cuddling, playing fetch, and going on adventures.

Pit Bull balancing ball

“He was my first dog, and he’s only ever been my first and only dog,” Reyes said.

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At around 13 years old, Sinatra started slowing down and not doing well. He wasn’t eating, and he started to drastically lose weight. Reyes tried everything to save him, but it was Sinatra’s time to cross the rainbow bridge. A few days before Sinatra’s passing, the pup went outside to look at a rainbow as if to tell his dad it was time.

Man and Pit Bull are best friends

Losing Sinatra was one of the hardest moments of Reyes’ life, but he’s grateful they had so many wonderful years together. He even got a tattoo in the pup’s honor. Now, Reyes is helping foster a Pit Bull named Bowser because he knows that love can change a rescue dog’s life drastically.

Rest in peace, Sinatra. You were very loved!

Featured Image: YouTube

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