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Army Dog Races Into The Arms Of His Soldier After 3 Long Years Apart


Dogs have their way of crawling right into our hearts. That is why it’s so easy to fall in love with them. Even in the army, the handlers can get attached to their K9 partners. That’s exactly what happened to Army Specialist Vance McFarland.

MacFarland and his dog Ikar served together in Afghanistan. Ikar is a Tactical Explosive Detection Dog, and together with MacFarland and his team, it’s their job to locate bombs.

After their deployment, MacFarland and Ikar went on separate ways. Although they were apart, MacFarland and Ikar’s bond was unbreakable. MacFarland thought he would never see Ikar again, but something wonderful happened. Watch the video below and see how these two got reunited!

Awww…what a heartwarming reunion! Thanks to Mission K9 Rescue these two friends are reunited for good! Now both MacFarland and Ikar are retired, and they’re going to spend their lives together.

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