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10 Best Dog Breath Mints

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on August 1, 2023
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As dog owners, we cherish our furry companions’ loving kisses, but when bad breath strikes, those affectionate licks can be a bit less enjoyable. Thankfully, a range of products on the market can help address this problem, one of which are dog breath mints. This article will walk you through some of the best dog breath mints available, allowing you to pick the right one for your canine companion while ensuring their oral health is well taken care of.


#1 – Greenies Anytime Bites Dog Treats, Mint Flavor, 10.3 oz. Bag

Greenies Anytime Bite Dog Treats in Mint Flavor are small-sized treats that are perfect for frequent treating. These treats offer a delicious mint flavor that dogs find irresistible. With only 15 calories per treat, pet owners can feel good about feeding these anytime for a happy dog. They are chewy, easy to digest, and made with natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Each bag contains 10.3 oz. of these tasty treats.

#2 – iHeartDogs Brushy Sticks – Dental Treats for Dogs Removes Plaque and Tartar Buildup – Grain-Free Dog Teeth Cleaning Chews Made with Chicken – 30 Mini Sticks

The iHeartDogs Brushy Sticks are dental treats for dogs that aim to remove plaque and tartar buildup. These grain-free chews are made with chicken and have a coarse texture that massages gums and manually cleans teeth. The treats also contain parsley to freshen breath and are designed to taste like a treat, making them an easy and enjoyable way to maintain a dog’s dental hygiene.


#3 – Arm & Hammer for Pets Dental Mints for Dogs, Fresh Breath | Get Fresh Doggie Breath Without Brushing, Way to Fresher Dog Breath | Chicken Flavor, 40 Count

Arm & Hammer for Pets Dental Mints for Dogs are a convenient and effective way to combat bad breath in dogs. Made with natural ingredients, these mints reduce tartar buildup and whiten and brighten teeth. The crunchy texture helps freshen breath as dogs chew, and the mints are infused with baking soda for safe and gentle dental care. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, with contact available via email for any questions or feedback.

#4 – ARK NATURALS Breath Bursts Peppermint Bits Dental Dog Treats, 4-oz Bag

ARK NATURALS Breath Bursts Peppermint Bits Dental Dog Treats are a 4-ounce bag of treats designed to help clean and polish dogs’ teeth. They have a unique texture and flavor bursts that aim to freshen breath and taste good. These treats can be used during together time, training, as an on-the-go breath refresh, or as a feel-good reward alongside a dog’s regular dental regimen.


#5 – PawFoods Treats | Minty Paws | Freshen Doggy Breath Stronger Teeth, Healthy Organic Dog Treats, Only 5 Calories per Treat (Mint, 1 Pack)

PawFoods Treats in the Minty Paws flavor aim to freshen doggy breath and promote stronger teeth. The treats are made with real mint and celery, without any toxins or preservatives, and are sourced and made in the USA. With only 5 calories per treat, they are a healthy option for pets and are recommended by veterinarians for their multiple health benefits. Additionally, the ingredients are sourced from local farms in an effort to support small businesses.


#6 – ProBesties Kiss (sm) – Bad Breath Treatment for Dogs – Dog Breath Freshener & Probiotic Perio Support – Dog Bad Breath Eliminator

ProBesties Kiss is a bad breath treatment for dogs that aims to eliminate bad breath rather than simply masking it. Developed by Dr. Casey Haught, a blend of probiotics and enzymes promotes a healthy oral microbiome by replacing bad bacteria with beneficial strains for healthier teeth above and below the gum line. In addition to freshening breath, this product also aims to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, increase tooth stability, and support healthy gums. Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients, ProBesties Kiss comes in convenient, pre-measured packets for consistent dosing.


#7 – Chewsday Extra Small Minty Fresh Daily Dental Dog Chews, Made in The USA, Natural Highly-Digestible Oral Health Treats for Healthy Gums and Teeth – 56 Count

Chewsday Extra Small Minty Fresh Daily Dental Dog Chews are made in the USA and are designed to promote oral health in dogs. These dental chews have a minty fresh flavor and contain limited ingredients such as spearmint and turmeric. They are highly digestible and feature nubbins to scrub the teeth and gums as the dog chews. Chewsday believes in using natural and healthy ingredients in their treats to provide dogs with a beneficial and delicious option.


#8 – Bocce’s Bakery Breath Daily Support Treats for Dogs, Wheat-Free Dog Treats, Made with Real Ingredients, Baked in The USA, Supports Oral Health, All-Natural Apple & Mint Biscuits, 12 oz

Bocce’s Bakery Breath Daily Support Treats for Dogs are wheat-free dog treats made with real ingredients and baked in the USA. These treats support oral health and come in all-natural apple and mint flavors. With just three ingredients and 12 calories per treat, they are perfect for everyday treating. Bocce’s Bakery prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and avoiding artificial ingredients or preservatives. The company was started with the belief that pets deserve better food with fresher, simpler, all-natural ingredients.


#9 – Arm & Hammer for Pets Ringers Dental Treats for Dogs | Dental Chews Fight Bad Dog Breath, Plaque & Tartar Without Brushing | Fresh Mint Flavor, 5 Count

Arm & Hammer for Pets Ringers Dental Treats for Dogs are a natural alternative to rawhide that promote optimal dental health for dogs. Made with baking soda and mint, these ring-shaped chew treats eliminate bad dog breath and give dogs a fresh mint flavor. They are also safer to eat and easier to digest compared to rawhide, providing a worry-free option for dog owners.

#10 – Minties VetIQ Dog Dental Bone Treats, Dental Chews for Medium/Large Dogs (Over 40 Lbs), 32 Ounces, Green, 40 Count

Minties VetIQ Dog Dental Bone Treats are a popular choice for dog owners looking for a dental chew that can freshen their dog’s breath and help keep their teeth clean. These treats are recommended by veterinarians and are free of wheat, corn, and soy. The unique shape and texture of the treats help to remove plaque and tartar as the dog chews, promoting good oral health. Made in the USA, this 32-ounce bag contains 40 dental bones for medium to large dogs over 40 pounds.

What Should I Look for When Choosing Buying Breath Mints for My Dog?

When selecting breath mints for your dog, there are a few important factors to consider. Firstly, look at the ingredients. The mints should contain natural breath fresheners like parsley, mint, and chlorophyll. Secondly, avoid products that contain artificial flavors, colors, and excessive amounts of sugar as these can have negative health effects. Thirdly, consider your dog’s preferences. Some dogs might prefer a certain shape, flavor, or texture. Finally, consider any specific health requirements your dog might have. For instance, some products also provide dental cleaning properties or are made for sensitive stomachs. As always, when introducing any new item to your dog’s diet, it’s best to consult with your vet.


Why Human Breath Mints Are Not Safe for Dogs?

Human breath mints are not safe for dogs for several reasons. Firstly, many mints contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that is highly toxic to dogs. Even a small amount can cause rapid insulin release leading to dangerously low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia), liver failure, seizures, and potentially death. Secondly, mints may contain other ingredients such as chocolate, caffeine, or certain essential oils that are harmful to dogs. Additionally, the size and shape of mints can pose a choking hazard, especially for smaller dogs. Lastly, human breath mints can also disrupt a dog’s digestive system, leading to upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting. Always opt for dog-specific products and consult your vet if you’re unsure about the safety of a certain product.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Breath Mints

  1. What are dog breath mints and how do they work? Dog breath mints are specially formulated products designed to freshen your dog’s breath. They often contain natural ingredients that not only help eliminate bad breath but also promote good oral health. They can work by neutralizing bad odors, reducing bacteria in the mouth, and often improving digestive health, which can contribute to better breath.
  2. Are dog breath mints safe? Dog breath mints are generally safe for dogs when used as directed and chosen carefully. Ensure the product is free of xylitol, a common sweetener that is highly toxic to dogs. As with any new product, introduce it gradually and always monitor your dog for any adverse reactions.
  3. How often should I give my dog breath mints? The frequency can vary depending on the brand and your dog’s specific needs. Some may suggest one per day, while others may allow for more. Always follow the product’s instructions and consult your vet if you’re unsure.
  4. Can dog breath mints replace brushing? No, dog breath mints are not a replacement for regular teeth brushing or professional dental cleanings. They can be a helpful addition to your dog’s dental hygiene routine, but they should not be the sole method of oral care.
  5. Do dog breath mints really work? Yes, dog breath mints can help freshen your dog’s breath. However, they are typically more effective when used in combination with other oral hygiene practices like brushing, dental diets, and regular vet check-ups.
  6. Can I give my dog human breath mints? No, human breath mints are not safe for dogs. They may contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs, and other ingredients that are not safe for canine consumption. Always choose products specifically formulated for dogs.
  7. Can puppies have dog breath mints? It’s best to consult with your vet before giving a puppy any type of supplement, including breath mints. Some products may be safe for puppies, while others are intended for adult dogs only.
  8. Are there natural alternatives to dog breath mints? Yes, many natural remedies can help freshen your dog’s breath. These include coconut oil, probiotics, and certain herbs. However, it’s essential to talk to your vet before starting any new supplement regimen.
  9. Can dog breath mints help with oral health? While they are primarily designed to freshen breath, many dog breath mints also contain ingredients that can promote overall oral health. They may help reduce plaque and tartar build-up, stimulate saliva production, and reduce oral bacteria.
  10. Can dog breath mints help with digestive issues? Some dog breath mints contain ingredients like probiotics or enzymes that can help with digestion. Bad breath can sometimes be a sign of underlying digestive issues, so improving gut health can indirectly improve breath. However, if your dog has persistent bad breath or other digestive symptoms, you should consult a vet.


Conclusion: Best Dog Breath Mints

In conclusion, there are a number of excellent dog breath mints out there that can freshen your dog’s breath while also promoting oral health. No matter what type of product you choose, it’s essential to remember that these mints are a supplement, not a replacement for good oral hygiene practices. Regular tooth brushing, vet check-ups, and a healthy diet should remain the foundation of your dog’s dental care. With the help of the right dog breath mints, your furry friend’s kisses can be as fresh as their love for you.

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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