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12 Best Supplements for Senior Dogs

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on January 31, 2024

Reviewed by: Dr. Theresa Fossum

Reviewed by:

Dr. Theresa Fossum

Meet Dr. Theresa (Terry) W. Fossum, DVM, MS. Ph.D., Diplomate ACVS – a remarkable animal lover whose passion for animal care and innovative solutions has left an indelible mark on the veterinary world. As the CEO of both Phoenix Animal Wellness and Epic Veterinary Specialists, she's ensuring dogs and cats receive the highest level of care and compassion.Read more
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The best senior dog supplements are essential for aging canines, but many dog parents don’t think about them. Older dogs are more likely to face health concerns than young canines, so finding ways to improve their physical well-being could be the key to helping them live longer happier lives.

Senior dog supplements can benefit canines in many ways, such as improving their digestion, helping them gain muscles, improving their joints, and giving them a healthier coat. You can choose a supplement that’s specific to one purpose or you can find one that gives your pup a health boost in as many areas as possible.

Senior dog lying on cool floor

Before you give your dog a new supplement, make sure you talk to your vet. They may recommend or steer you away from certain products based on your dog’s health history. With your vet’s approval, any of the best senior dog supplements in this article could help your furry friend feel better than ever!

Best Senior Dog Supplements

Best Overall Senior Dog Supplements

iHeartDogs Senior Super 7 Daily MegaVitamin
  • Chewy, treat-like supplements
  • Packed with antioxidants and probiotics
  • Includes turmeric, ashwagandha, and a mushroom blend
  • Variety of benefits, such as a cognitive boost and reduced stress
  • Donates meals to shelter dogs

As dogs get older, staying on top of their health becomes extra crucial. Yet, not all older dogs have a specific health area to focus on; some just need an overall health boost. These chewy supplements can benefit senior dogs in a variety of ways, thanks to ingredients like turmeric, a mushroom blend, ashwagandha, antioxidants, and probiotics. When taking these supplements, your dog may experience a cognitive boost, reduced stress, improved digestive and immune systems, and fewer allergic reactions. The chews are soft and treat-like, making them easy for dogs to consume. Plus, every jar purchased donates 14 meals to shelter dogs.

Zesty Paws 11-in-1 Senior Advanced Bites
  • Beef or chicken flavor
  • Easy-to-chew supplements
  • Packed with probiotics, vitamins, and digestive enzymes
  • Benefits many health aspects, including the heart, joints, and immune system
  • Works for dogs of all sizes and breeds

These senior dog supplements are perfect for picky eaters because you can choose the flavor. The senior-specific ones come in either beef or chicken, so most dogs will gobble up these soft chews as if they’re treats. They support most areas of your dog’s health, including their heart, skin, coat, hips, joints, liver, gut, immune system, and energy levels. These supplements are packed with probiotics, vitamins, and digestive enzymes to effectively keep your pup in shape. Plus, they work well for senior dogs of all sizes and breeds.

*If you sign up for emails and texts on Zesty Paws’ website, you can get 20% off your order!

NaturVet VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamin Dog Supplements
  • Vet-recommended
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Improves joints, skin, and coat
  • Chewable and wheat-free

These chewable supplements can keep your senior dog healthy from nose to tail if you give them as directed. They’re vet-recommended and packed with vitamins and minerals, which can improve your dog’s digestion, immune system, and energy levels. They also include glucosamine for joint health and fatty acids for skin and coat health. Some dogs love the flavor of these wheat-free supplements while others may need them mixed in with their food.

VetriScience Canine Plus Multivitamin for Senior Dogs
  • Vet-formulated
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Benefits cognitive health and nerve function
  • Benefits the immune system, heart, brain, eyes, and liver
  • Duck-flavored soft chews

These VetriScience supplements contain over 25 balanced ingredients that can improve a senior dog’s health. As the brand name implies, these supplements are vet-formulated. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals that can benefit cognitive health and nerve function. The formula support the immune system, heart, brain, eyes, and liver. These supplements are duck-flavored and soft enough for senior dogs to chew, so most canines will think they’re regular treats.

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iHeartDogs 3-in-1 Probiotic Dog Chews
  • Soft, treat-like supplements
  • Improves the digestive and immune systems
  • Benefits other areas like skin, coat, and eye health
  • Includes pumpkin, papaya, and a probiotic blend
  • Donates meals to shelter dogs

Digestive issues are a common issue for senior dogs, but they often go unnoticed at first. With good gut health, senior dogs will feel healthier overall, so probiotics are essential for an older dog’s well-being. The probiotics in these supplements can promote a healthy digestive system, encourage a proper intestinal balance, and build a stronger immune system. These supplements also include pumpkin, which is high in fiber, and papaya, which is high in antioxidants. Many dogs love the flavor of those ingredients, so they may gobble the supplements up like treats. Every bag purchased donates 12 meals to dogs in need.

Best Senior Dog Hip and Joint Supplements

WagWell Mobility Chews
  • Relieves joint stiffness and promotes maximum mobility
  • Made with glucosamine, MSM, and Ahiflower
  • Vet-formulated
  • Soft chicken-flavored supplements

WagWell’s Mobility Chews are perfect for senior dogs because they can relieve joint stiffness and pain while promoting maximum mobility and joint health. These vet-formulated supplements use glucosamine, MSM, and Ahiflower oil to help older dogs feel like puppies again. Plus, the supplements are soft to make them easy to chew for senior dogs while being chicken-flavored to cater to picky eaters. You can give your dog one to three daily depending on their weight to help them start feeling better in no time.

iHeartDogs Advanced 8-in-1 Hip & Joint Chews
  • Eases pain, prevents damage, and improves mobility
  • Include glucosamine, chondroitin, hemp powder, and green lipped mussels
  • Prevents cartilage breakdown and rebuilds cartilage
  • Soft, treat-like supplements
  • Donates meals to shelter dogs

It’s common for dogs to face hip and joint issues as they age. Jumping and climbing may become more difficult than they used to be. So, these joint supplements help dogs stay comfortable in their old age by easing pain, preventing damage, and improving mobility. Glucosamine and chondroitin are the main ingredients that can help with that. Chondroitin prevents cartilage breakdown, while glucosamine can rebuild cartilage to restore your dog’s mobility. Some other ingredients that assist with joint improvements are organic hemp powder, green lipped mussels, and turmeric. For every bag of these treat-like supplements purchased, 14 meals are given to shelter dogs.

Zesty Paws Senior Advanced Mobility Bites
  • Improves hip and joint health
  • Benefits muscles and cartilage
  • Contains glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, and green lipped mussels
  • Chicken-flavored soft chews

This is another Zesty Paws product designed to help senior dogs, but this one focuses on hip and joint health. It contains ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, curcumin, and green lipped mussels to improve mobility. Those ingredients can help cushion and lubricate the hips and joints, making it more comfortable for your dog to move around. They also provide muscle support and promote healthy cartilage. These supplements are soft and chicken-flavored, so they appeal to most dogs.

*If you sign up for emails and texts on Zesty Paws’ website, you can get 20% off your order!

Best Senior Dog Muscle Building Supplements

MYOS Canine Muscle Formula
  • Powder supplement
  • Made with only Fortetropin
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Prevents muscle loss and improves mobility
  • Works for dogs of all ages

Many senior dogs get weaker as they age, so it’s important to promote healthy muscles. This powder supplement can help dogs build muscles at any age, even if they’re seniors. It’s made only with Fortetropin, which is a proteo-lipid complex that comes from a fertilized egg yolk. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense ingredients in nature, and it can increase lean muscle mass. If an older dog takes it, it can prevent muscle loss and improve mobility. The easiest way to serve it is to sprinkle it over your dog’s food.

Buddy & Lola Dog Weight Gainer
  • Maple bacon flavor
  • Powder supplement
  • Helps dogs gain a healthy weight
  • Includes essential nutrients and proteins
  • Works for dogs of all ages and breeds

If your senior dog is becoming thinner no matter what you try, this supplement may help them gain some healthy weight by giving them essential nutrients and proteins. It’s another powder supplement that you can sprinkle over your dog’s food, and it has a maple bacon flavor that can entice picky eaters. Some of the ingredients include vegetable fat, whey protein concentrate, and organic pumpkin protein. It’s a great choice for underweight dogs of all ages and breeds, and it can help improve your senior dog’s mobility and energy.

Best Senior Dog Skin and Coat Supplements

    iHeartDogs Omega 3-6-9 Krill Oil Skin & Coat Chews
    • Packed with omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids
    • Moisturizes the dog's skin and coat
    • Benefits heart health, joints, and energy levels
    • Soft chews with a fishy flavor
    • Donates meals to shelter dogs

    If your dog’s coat isn’t looking as soft and shiny as it once did, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Giving your senior dog supplements with omega fatty acids in them can help improve their skin and coat health. These soft supplements are easy for older dogs to chew and have an appealing fishy flavor. They can benefit older dogs by moisturizing the skin and coat while also improving the dog’s heart, joints, and energy levels. They’re made with krill oil, which is a great source of omega fatty acids. They can benefit all senior dogs, especially those suffering from allergies. Plus, every container purchased donates 14 meals to shelter dogs.

    Natural Dog Company Skin & Coat Chews
    • Contains organic and natural ingredients
    • Packed with omega fatty acids
    • Improves a dog's skin and coat
    • Relieves itchy skin, reduces allergy symptoms, and boosts the immune system
    • Soft, salmon-flavored supplements

    This skin and coat supplement is made with premium salmon oil, which is packed with omega fatty acids to give your senior dog soft skin and a shiny coat. Plus, it gives the chews a fishy flavor that most dogs enjoy. It’s packed with plenty of other organic and natural ingredients, including hemp seed powder, DHA, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and biotin. These supplements can relieve dry and itchy skin, reduce allergy symptoms, and boost the immune system.

    Buyer’s Guide for Best Senior Dog Supplements

    If you’re planning to buy a supplement for your senior dog, here are a few aspects to consider.


    First off, think about what you want the supplement to do. Some senior dog supplements can benefit a variety of health aspects at once, so that can be a great way to improve your dog’s well-being if they don’t have specific health concerns.

    However, if they have a specific health issue, such as skin irritation or joint pain, you may want to seek out a supplement designed to help with that. If you’re unsure what type of supplement will benefit your dog the most, ask your vet for suggestions.


    Most senior dog supplements come in the form of treat-like chews. Those are usually the easiest to serve to dogs because they often smell and taste good to them. If your senior dog has dental problems, you should make sure the supplements are soft enough for them to chew.

    There are a few products that come in powder or liquid forms. While those forms might be messier, some dog parents prefer them. For example, if your dog won’t eat a supplement by itself, it may be easier to mix a powder supplement with their food.


    Finally, ingredients are always an important aspect of pet consumables. Just because a product says it’s for a specific purpose doesn’t mean its ingredients are as effective as other products. Look for products with natural ingredients, and supplements that are vet-formulated are a plus.

    Keep an eye out for beneficial items like omega fatty acids, glucosamine, chondroitin, probiotics, and vitamins. When in doubt, ask your vet about a product’s ingredient list to make sure it’s beneficial for your furry friend.

    Happy senior dog

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Do Senior Dogs Need Supplements?

    Senior dogs are more prone to diseases and health concerns than younger dogs, so some supplements can always help. A digestive system and immune system boost can go a long way for an older dog. If you’re unsure if your senior dog needs supplements, ask your vet for advice.

    How Can I Improve My Senior Dog’s Health?

    In addition to supplements, you can also keep your senior dog healthy by providing exercise, mental stimulation, and healthy food. Taking your dog in for more frequent vet checkups can also help you catch any health concerns before they worsen.

    What Vitamins Should I Be Giving My Senior Dog?

    B-complex vitamins and vitamins C, A, D, and E are all essential for keeping dogs healthy. So, many senior dog supplements include these to give your canine an overall health boost.

    Do Senior Dogs Need Special Food?

    Not every senior dog needs senior food, but it can be beneficial. Senior-specific food has less protein, fat, and calories to cater to the lower energy levels of older dogs. If you’re unsure if you want to use senior food, ask your vet for advice.

    What Should I Do if My Dog Won’t Take Their Supplement?

    If you can’t find a supplement that’s tasty to your dog, you may have to hide it in something. Putting it in cheese, peanut butter, or a pill pocket can help your dog willingly take it. If the supplement doesn’t have a strong scent, you may be able to mix it into their food without them noticing.

    Senior Chihuahua resting

    Final Thoughts

    Senior dogs need plenty of nutrients in their bodies to ensure they thrive for years to come. The best senior dog supplements are a great way to ensure that your furry friend lives a long and healthy life. Whether your dog needs help with their joints, skin, coat, or digestive system, there are supplements that can help. Before starting your dog on a new supplement, make sure to talk to your vet.

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    iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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