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Disabled Shelter Dog In Mall Window Smiles Her Way Through Confinement

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on June 7, 2024

The City of Arlington, Texas Animal Services was alerted by numerous calls about a stray Pit Bull mix wandering the streets. The dog, later named Bitsy, was known in the community for her cheerful demeanor and endless jaunts through the neighborhood. Fortuitously, Bitsy’s latest adventure led her to the doorstep of a concerned citizen, simplifying the task for Officer Allex Pollard to collect her. Upon meeting Bitsy, Officer Pollard was instantly charmed. “Bitsy was laying on her back, feet up in the air like she had just had the best day, but was worn out from her fun,” recounted a spokesperson from the shelter in an interview with People.

City of Arlington, TX – Animal Services/Facebook

Unlike the typical stray who might arrive frightened and disoriented, Bitsy exuded joy and enthusiasm. The shelter described her as an exuberant and lively companion who thrived on human interaction, often vocalizing her need for affection with unique sounds reminiscent of a dinosaur. Bitsy’s undeniable zest for life was evident in her ‘full body wags’ and her infectious grin, which won hearts instantly. After a compulsory 72-hour hold, with no one claiming her, preparations for her adoption began. Given her suspected hearing impairment, the shelter designated her as a VIP Adoptable Pet, lowering her adoption fee to facilitate finding her a permanent home swiftly.

City of Arlington, TX – Animal Services/Facebook

Bitsy was soon moved to the shelter’s ‘adoption mall’ at the front, where her visibility to visitors could increase her chances of adoption. It wasn’t long before she was charming visitors with her radiant smile. “She was so happy! It honestly didn’t surprise us, but it is like she knew this was her chance at a family! She loves looking out the window and seeing staff or visitors in the shelter and is even happier than she was before,” the spokesperson shared. Despite her newfound fame on social media and her celebrity status within the community, Bitsy struggled to attract adoption interest. The shelter believed she needed a dynamic household that could appreciate her vigor and enthusiasm, turning every mundane moment into thrilling escapades.

“Bitsy wants and needs love, time, and attention. Someone willing to work with the possibility of her being deaf. She is a smart dog who absolutely loves to please people,” the shelter emphasized, hopeful that the perfect family would recognize the joy and companionship Bitsy could bring into their lives. We have no doubt that Bitsy will find her forever family who will cherish her as she deserves! Her smile and winning personality are just too cute to resist!

We urge you to share Bitsy’s story so she can find her family. She is stressed out in the shelter environment and has since gone downhill. Please, if you live in Texas or know someone who does, pass this along. Thank you!

City of Arlington, TX – Animal Services/Facebook

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