Bonded Shelter Pit Bulls Have Sleepover With Matching Pajamas!

All Niles and Frasier want for Christmas this year is a forever home. The 5-year-old Pit Bulls quickly bonded at the City Dogs Cleveland animal shelter, so they’d like to stay together when adopted. The shelter knows two 50-pound dogs is a lot for a new family to take on, but they’re confident that these sweet boys will find their perfect place soon.

To help promote these adoptable pups, the shelter staff decided to give them a special night. They let the two of them have a sleepover at a local hotel. And what sleepover is complete without matching pajamas?

Pit Bulls Matching Pajamas
Image: @CityDogsCleveland/Facebook

A Precious Pit Bull Sleepover

Niles and Frasier were ecstatic about their night out. It gave them a chance to show their true personalities in a home setting. They cuddled, napped, and wrestled with each other during their adventure. The sleepover made it even clearer that these two pups are meant to stay together.

“The short story about their trip is that Niles and Frasier are both very good boys who are clearly meant to be together. They so obviously love each other’s company and get along great!” City Dogs Cleveland wrote on Facebook.

Pit Bull Sleepover
Image: @CityDogsCleveland/Facebook

Throughout the night, the pups also had multiple outfit changes. They wore cute sweaters and even had two separate sets of matching pajamas. Volunteers took tons of photos throughout the night, and in each one, the pups look overjoyed to be experiencing so much love and attention. The shelter thinks both dogs are very sweet and will have no problems adjusting to a new home.

“Their future family should be prepared to be smothered by two affectionate wrinkly potatoes! Once they settle into the routine, it seems like the boys will be pretty good in the home,” the shelter wrote.

Pit Bulls Playing
Image: @CityDogsCleveland/Facebook

Help Niles and Frasier Find a Home!

Niles and Frasier were found together, and they seemed to be related or raised together. Regardless of the reason, they didn’t want to be split up. So, City Dogs Cleveland is determined to make that wish come true. They’re doing everything they can to ensure these two dogs have a happily ever after together.

The shelter describes this duo as “generally polite and easy to manage.” The dogs also love meeting new people, and they’re quick to make new friends. So, any family would be lucky to have them around.

Sleepy Pit Bull
Image: @CityDogsCleveland/Facebook

“Frasier can get a little over-excited but settles down nicely. Both were very tolerant of bath time, and did well in the car once they got the hang of the whole moving vehicle thing,” the shelter wrote.

No dog wants to spend the holidays without a family. So, Niles and Frasier are asking for a forever home as soon as possible. If you live near Cleveland, Ohio and you think these charming Pit Bulls are exactly what you’ve been looking for, you can apply to meet them right away. They will certainly bring joy and happiness to any human’s life.

Pit Bull Dreaming of Forever Home
Image: @CityDogsCleveland/Facebook

Featured Image: @CityDogsCleveland/Facebook

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