Boy Posts “Help For Hire” Flyers To Raise Money For His Sick Dog

When 11-year-old Lucas Fuller found out his dog Bear was suffering from a potentially deadly infection he decided to take action. His family was potentially facing thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and Lucas was determined to help raise the necessary funds. His mother, Karen Fuller, helped Lucas create flyers offering his lawn mowing, trimming and car washing services. But they were not prepared for the massive viral response Lucas’ simple gesture would generate!

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It all started when Bear – whom Lucas has had since he was a puppy – became ill recently. He broke with a hacking cough similar to kennel cough, his eyes filled with infected mucus, and painful sores and scabs appeared all over his skin.

Bear’s veterinarian diagnosed him with blastomychosis, a fungal infection inhaled through pathogens in the soil. The harmful bacteria is everywhere, and attacks the lungs and airway before spreading throughout the body. Without immediate care, blastomychosis can be fatal.

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When they first learned of the high cost of Bear’s treatments, the Fullers panicked. Karen and Lucas wept together. Once the initial shock had passed, young Lucas dried his tears and went to work. He posted his “Help for Hire” flyers around the neighborhood.

Within minutes, someone saw Lucas’ flyer and uploaded a photo to Facebook. His small neighborhood project soon became an online sensation! People began offering their financial support immediately – no mowing necessary.

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Karen Fuller started a GoFundMe page to keep up with the influx of donations. Before they knew it, the Fullers had surpassed their $2,000 goal! In fact, at the time of this post, their total was nearly double the initial target at more than $3,800!


Bear’s condition is improving, but his vet says he still has at least four months of treatment to go.

Blastomycosis is nearly impossible to prevent. There is no vaccine and infected soils do not give off any obvious signs. Symptoms of the infection include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, muscle aches and fatigue. Veterinarians recommend seeking immediate care if your dog displays these signs.


H/T & Featured Images via WNEP16

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