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Brave Mom Dog Asks for Help to Save Her Puppies from the Freezing Weather

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on May 15, 2024

Animals do the most amazing things, especially dogs, reminding us of all the good in the world. Today, I’ll share the heartwarming story of a mother dog who sought human help to ensure her puppies survived the cold. With temperatures dropping and her litter in danger, this brave and resourceful mom approached people, her eyes pleading for assistance. Moved by her determination and love for her puppies, they quickly responded, providing the warmth and care the tiny pups needed. This story beautifully illustrates the incredible bond between animals and humans and the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her young.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

As it got colder, a worried mom dog went to some kind people nearby and asked for help.

“They saw her reaction – she was desperate and just wanted to feed her children somehow.”

The people knew they had to help, so they followed her.

She led them to her hiding spot where her puppies were sheltered but not safe under a construction site. When the people approached, the puppies barked because they feared strangers.

“However, luckily, that was all they could do.”

This made it easier to take them to a vet.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

At the vet, the puppies were mostly healthy and just needed some shots. Soon, four puppies found new homes. But one puppy, named Keri, was sick with Parvovirus. “She had Parvovirus, which is dangerous for puppies, but treatable.” While her siblings were adopted and her mom went to a shelter, the vets took good care of her.

After a week, Keri was much better.

“She was now finally out of the woods and the vets allowed her to play with the other dogs.”

She got one more vaccine and then one of the rescuers took her home. The mom dog was also adopted after some time in the shelter.

Now, they all have great homes.

“As for Keri, on the other hand, it’s unclear if she was in foster care or adopted by her rescuers.”

But Keri is definitely a happy and amazing dog wherever she is.

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