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Brave Rescue Dog Becomes First Canine Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on October 19, 2020

Since the Nobel Peace Prize honors the best humans or groups, it’s shocking that a dog has never won. After all, who’s more kindhearted and selfless than a four-legged family member? Finally, for the first time in history, a dog has won the prize. He’s a rescue dog and humanitarian named Foxtrot.

Technically, Foxtrot didn’t win alone. He’s a part of the World Food Programme (WFP), which fights to end hunger and starvation. There are many honorable people working to make a difference, but since Foxtrot is the adorable face of the program, he tends to get the most recognition.

Nobel Peace Prize Dog
Image: @humanitarian_pup/Instagram

Foxtrot’s Story

Foxtrot approached a group of staff members from WFP when he was only 4 weeks old. It was during their beach cleanup in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. He seemed way too young to be away from his mother, so the staff worried he was lost. Many of them were not huge dog lovers and didn’t even know what to do with a dog, so they tried not to give him too much attention.

“This puppy just appeared and started following us,” said Gemma Snowdon, the communications officer with WFP. “And we kind of tried to discourage [him], you know. Tried to get [him] back to [his] mum wherever [his] mum was but [he] just kept on following and following and following.”

World Food Programme Dog
Image: @humairatian_pup/Instagram

The staff saw that Foxtrot was exhausted and dehydrated, so they knew they had to take him in. At first, it was only supposed to be for one night, but soon the puppy was there to stay. He had some health problems in his early days, but now he’s so happy and full of life with his big family.

Foxtrot is now the face of WFP. He provides comfort for the staff and those they help. Plus, his cute face encourages others to support the organization. He also wears an adorable WFP cape now and then to spread awareness. The group never knew a dog was what they needed, but now they know that Foxtrot makes everything they do so much better!

Foxtrot Working
Image: @humanitarian_pup/Instagram

Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize

When Foxtrot found out that WFP won the Nobel Peace Prize, he turned to his Instagram page to share his gratitude. They do so much work beyond just providing food. They’re also known for making space and being welcoming to the Rohingya refugees. A lot of their incredible work goes unnoticed, but Foxtrot never forgets how inspiring they are.

“Woweee, I was so excited to hear that the @worldfoodprogramme was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today. Of course it’s amazing, I do however think it would be even more amazing if we didn’t need any peace prizes because peace was the status quo in our world. But as myself and my colleagues know, this will never be the case in a world without #zerohunger,” posted Foxtrot. “Conflict and insecurity are the main reason 690 million people in this world go to bed hungry at night and without a doubt hunger is a cause and effect of conflict. If we can make a more peaceful world for future generations then I know that we’ll be able to make sure every single child can live the life they deserve.”

Foxtrot Helping People
Image: @humanitarian_pup/Instagram

The Nobel Peace Prize was the perfect way to give these individuals proper recognition. They will continue to work hard to help others while Foxtrot continues to spread the word using his cuteness. To see what the sweet pup is up to, check out his Instagram page!

Featured Image: @humanitarian_pup/Instagram

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