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Breed Overview

Beagles, known for their keen sense of smell and tracking ability, are popular pets due to their size, temperament, and minimal grooming needs. They are often described as having a “nose on four legs.”

Physical Characteristics
  • Height 13-16 inches
  • Weight 20-30 pounds
  • Life Span 10-15 years
  • Coat Short, dense, and weather-resistant
  • Color Tri-color (black, brown, and white), lemon, red and white, and others
  • Grooming Low; require regular brushing and occasional baths
Health Needs
  • Exercise Requires daily exercise, enjoys walks and playtime
  • Trainability Intelligent but can be stubborn; responds well to positive reinforcement
  • Socialization Very sociable with people and other animals
  • Grooming Low; requires regular brushing and occasional baths
  • Health Issues Generally healthy, but can be prone to obesity, ear infections, and certain genetic disorders
  • Suitability for Families Excellent family pet, good with children
  • Suitable Living Space Adapts well to various living situations, but needs space for exercise and a securely fenced yard to prevent wandering

About the Breed

Originally bred for hunting due to their strong sense of smell, Beagles are excellent at tracking scents. They are also used in various working roles, including in airport security and as detection dogs.

History of the Breed

The Beagle has origins in England, where they were developed for hunting small game. Their ancestry can be traced back to Roman times, but the modern breed was developed in the 19th century.


Fun Facts About the Beagle

What To Expect When Caring For a Beagle


Generally healthy, but prone to obesity, ear infections, and certain genetic disorders like epilepsy. Regular health check-ups and screenings are recommended.


Their short coat requires minimal grooming, including regular brushing and occasional baths. Special attention should be given to their ears to prevent infections.


Requires daily exercise to manage their energy levels. Enjoy walks, playtime, and scent games. Beagles are known for their tendency to follow their noses, so a securely fenced area is essential.


Training should start early and be consistent. They respond best to positive reinforcement techniques. Their independent nature can make training a challenge, but they are capable learners.


Choose a well-balanced diet that is suitable for their size and activity level. Monitor their food intake to prevent obesity, a common issue in the breed.

Caring for a Beagle requires understanding their need for exercise and mental stimulation. They thrive in environments where they can be part of the family and engage in various activities. With the right care and attention, Beagles make loving, playful, and loyal companions.

Beagle Common Health Issues and Recommended Tests

The Beagle, known for its friendly nature and keen sense of smell, is generally a robust and healthy breed. However, like all dog breeds, Beagles are predisposed to certain health conditions. Awareness of these conditions and conducting recommended tests can help in maintaining their health.

Description: Beagles love to eat and can easily become overweight, which can lead to other health problems.

Description: Their long, floppy ears can trap moisture and lead to chronic ear infections.

Description: Due to their long spine, they can be prone to back problems.

Description: A neurological condition that can cause seizures.

Description: A disorder where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones.


Description: Beagles love to eat and can easily become overweight, which can lead to other health problems.

Ear Infections

Description: Their long, floppy ears can trap moisture and lead to chronic ear infections.

Intervertebral Disc Disease

Description: Due to their long spine, they can be prone to back problems.


Description: A neurological condition that can cause seizures.


Description: A disorder where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones.

Regular veterinary check-ups are essential to catch any health issues early, and prompt attention to any changes in your dog's behavior or appearance is key. With proper care and attention to health, Beagles can lead happy, healthy lives as beloved members of their families.

Prescription Medication Assistance for Beagles

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How Much Does It Cost To Care For A Beagle?

Caring for a Beagle involves various annual expenses, which can vary depending on factors such as your location, the individual dog’s needs, and the level of care you choose to provide. Here’s a general breakdown of the annual costs for a Beagle:

The cost of a Beagle puppy from a reputable breeder can be quite pricey. Consider adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue.

Initial Cost

$400 - 1200

Costs for initial supplies like a crate, bed, bowls, collar, leash, and toys can vary depending on your selections.

Initial Cost

$200 - 500

High-quality dog food and treats for a medium-sized breed like the Beagle can vary greatly depending on which type and brand you choose.

Estimated Cost

$200 - 1000

Beagles have minimal grooming needs. Basic grooming supplies and occasional professional grooming tend to be quite affordable for this breed.

Estimated Cost

$100 - 300

Routine vet visits, including vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, and check-ups, can vary depending on where you live and the size of your dog. This does not include emergency medical expenses.

Estimated Cost

$400 - 800

Insurance premiums can vary, but a comprehensive medical plan provides peace of mind.

Estimated Cost

$200 - 600

Additional expenses for toys, bedding, and other supplies can add up.

Estimated Cost

$100 - 300

Professional training, if opted for, can add several hundred dollars to the annual cost of care, especially with an active, stubborn breed like the Beagle.

Estimated Cost

$250 - 1000

Potential Additional Costs:

Online Courses are available and can help you save money.

If you travel frequently or need someone to watch your dog, you'll need to find a good sitter or boarding facility.

Estimated Cost

Overnight boarding, day-boarding, and pet-sitting costs vary depending on the area where you live, length of stay/frequency of services, and the amenities offered by the boarding facility or pet sitter.

A one-time fee for microchipping and annual local licensing fees.

Estimated Cost

$50 - 200

Total Estimated Annual Cost:

$1900 - $5900

It's important to note that these figures are estimates and can vary. Also, the first year of owning a dog can be more expensive due to one-time costs like spaying/neutering, initial vaccinations, and training. Regular budgeting for your dog's needs and an emergency fund for unforeseen costs are essential for responsible pet ownership.

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