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Guy Relies On ‘Faith And Heart’ To Save Dog From The Grimy Streets

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on June 13, 2024

While many people ignore the plight of homeless animals, many more stop at nothing to give as much as possible to those in need. In this heartwarming tale, a woman named Brielle, who works at The Dodo, talks about her friend Joey. The man isn’t just a nice guy, he’s the epitome of an animal lover who goes to the ends of the earth to save dogs in need. The video, narrated by Brielle, highlights Joey’s gallantry and we are truly grateful for his existence. This is an original version of Brielle and Joey’s story.


“If not for the heroics of my incredible friend Joey, a dog once stranded on the streets might never have found a new beginning. Having known Joey for years, my recent role at the Dodo presented the perfect opportunity to showcase his dedication to rescuing dogs. Eager to capture his impact, I accompanied him on a rescue mission.


‘”What are we doing?”‘ I asked as we set out. “We’ve found a dog that looks really ill,” Joey replied, scanning the area where the dog had been spotted just moments before. Documenting rescue stories was part of my job, yet experiencing it alongside Joey offered a raw, humbling insight into the fear and desperation that shadowed the stray until Joey’s arrival.

“During those two weeks, I witnessed Joey not only discover but also rescue three dogs. He inquired with passersby about the dog’s origins, offering it chicken and beef to build trust. Initially, the dog shied away, ducking every time someone approached. ‘He’s scared,’ Joey noted, but his belief in the dog’s inherent goodness never wavered. Though I couldn’t join Joey the following day, his commitment never faltered. “‘It’s okay, baby, we’re going to get you help,'” he assured the dog, planning a vet visit.


“Joey later recounted the turn of events that filled us with hope. ‘Sometimes we don’t have a plan and just take it day by day,’ he admitted. But just as they were transporting the dog to the vet, a couple emerged from a nearby restaurant, eager to adopt but unsure how. It was a beautiful display of community spirit, with people rallying to support the dog’s rescue.


“The diagnosis was fortunate; the dog wasn’t severely ill, which expedited our rescue efforts. Yet, an embargo posed a new challenge—no dogs could leave Puerto Vallarta by plane. Resourcefully, I reached out to contacts who helped transport the dog to Tijuana, then by car to Los Angeles, where the Canadian adopters drove down to bring their new pet home.”

The dog, now home in Canada with the loving couple, is living his best life. Once a stray, the pup enjoys life in a home with all the affection and toys a dog could desire. Thank you, Joey, Brielle, and the wonderful new parents! Watch the heartwarming video below to brighten your day.

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