Why Does My Dog Eat Tissues?

Is your dog constantly performing an at-home dumpster dive for some less than appetizing snacks? Lest you think you have the weirdest dog around, fear not, for you are not alone. Eating tissues and all sorts of other non-food items is a fairly common condition called pica. Let’s look at why your dog does this and how you can curb this distasteful appetite. 4 Possible Reasons Your Dog Eats Tissues 1. It’s Just Plain Fun If your puppy is eating … Read more

Why On Earth Does My Dog Eat Poop?

For those of you with a dog at home or those of you who love dogs, you know that some of their habits aren’t very polite. In fact, some doggy behaviors are downright confounding and a little nasty. Yes, I’m talking about consuming poop. Not all dogs do it, but if you have one who does like feces, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Why do dogs eat poop? It can be quiet worrisome if you have a pup … Read more

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Dog Sniff People’s Privates?

Does your dog seem to always have his face in people’s crotches? Embarrassing, isn’t it? Well, don’t be too embarrassed. Dogs see the world with a different sense than we do. In addition to sight and sound, they depend on their sense of smell dramatically more than humans. When they approach you in this way, they are not just being a “space invader”. They are trying to gain information about the person through a scent inspection. To a dog, the … Read more

5 Ways You’re Crushing Your Dog’s Spirit Without Even Knowing

We all love our dogs and want to do what’s best for them, which also means keeping them as happy as possible! But what if we’re doing something that’s unknowingly making them unhappy or crushing their spirit? It’s likely you’re not, but just in case you’re unsure or want to help someone who might be stressing their dog, be sure to check out this list below.   #1 – Not Exercising Your Dog This is perhaps one of the biggest … Read more

10 Breeds That Stay Puppies The Longest

Puppies are adorable, playful balls of energy, and it can be a little sad when your puppy grows up. All dogs grow up eventually, but some breeds stay in a “puppy phase” longer than others. Based on playfulness, difficulty with training, and time to become fully grown, here’s a list of the 10 breeds that stay puppies the longest. 1. Boxer These high-energy dogs are considered the clowns of the dog world. Their desire and stamina to play all day … Read more

Do Dogs Have A Concept Of Time?

“You’re good doggies. I’ll be back soon.” Ever said that? Those were my last words to my dogs this morning when I took my kids to school. Though I’d only be gone 20 minutes, I knew I’d return to whimpers and wagging tails as if I’d been gone for days. That made me wonder. Do dogs have a concept of time? We’ve all heard that one human year is like 7 dog years. Now, I’m no mathematician, but without breaking … Read more

What Does Your Dog Get From Sniffing Butts?

Most of us consider ourselves polite people in polite society. We greet each other with smiles, kind words, head nods and handshakes. Our best friend, however, has a different sort of greeting. They choose to sniff bums. I would guess that most people with dogs conclude their pups do not have manners. But there’s more to the story. What does your dog get from sniffing butts? Since our canine friends are unable to shake hands, nature has provided them a … Read more

15 Things Your Dog Wants You To Know

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or you’ve had dogs your entire life, there may be things about your dog that you don’t truly understand. How many of these things do you already know, and how many are new to you? Here are 15 things your dog wants to make sure you know. #1 – I’m incapable of experiencing guilt. Even though I look guilty when you scold me for doing something wrong, I’m just responding to the tone of your … Read more

3 Important Reasons To NOT Let Your Dog Greet New Dogs While On Leash

If you have a friendly dog, you’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t let your dog go up to every dog you pass while walking on a leash. What’s the harm? Dogs are social creatures, right? There are actually a lot of things that can go wrong with these types of interactions. Here are 3 important reasons you shouldn’t let your dog meet new dogs while on leash. #1 – Not all dogs are friendly Just because your dog is friendly, … Read more

5 Crucial Reasons To Stop Scolding Your Dog

It can happen to the best of us. You come home from work and find that your dog made a mess. They wake you up in the middle of the night to bark at a squirrel. They jump on your friends every time they come to visit. Sometimes it happens before you even have a chance to think about it: you yell at your dog to discourage the behavior. The problem is that you aren’t actually teaching your dog anything, … Read more

15 Dog Breeds That Love To Sleep

Dog Breeds That Love To Sleep Looking for that special buddy that will sleep in with you each morning? Or maybe one that likes long afternoon naps? Here are 15 breeds that seem to enjoy sleeping more than any other breeds. #1 – Bulldog Not much to say here, we all know these guys are lazy and love their naps. They might be the best choice for a snuggle buddy, as long as you don’t mind the snoring. #2 – Shih Tzu … Read more

5 Things Our Dogs Would Tell Us If They Could

At one time or another, we’ve all wished our dogs could just open up and tell us what’s going on in their mysterious little minds. Chances are most pups have a message or two they’d like to pass on to the humans in their lives, as well. (More walks, less baths!) But above all else, your dog wants you to know these 5 things. 1. “Prevention Is Key To Keeping Me Happy & Healthy” As a former veterinary technician, I … Read more

5 Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Bonded To You

If you recently adopted a dog, you might be wondering if they’re bonded to you. Some dogs may be so grateful to be adopted that they’ll bond to you almost immediately. Other dogs are shy or may have had a rough life prior to meeting you, so they may take a little longer to warm up. Even if your dog doesn’t seem bonded to you yet, don’t fret – humans and dogs have created strong, long-lasting bonds for centuries, and … Read more

10 Dog Breeds That Are Incredibly Stubborn

All dogs can be stubborn, especially when they know they have their humans wrapped around their little paws. Although all breed combinations have the potential for willfulness, some breeds turn it into an art form! If you think you’ve got a headstrong hound, a difficult dog or a pigheaded pooch, read on to see if your pup made our list of the top 10 most stubborn breeds. 1. Beagle Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs, meaning it is hardwired … Read more

6 Reasons Your Dog May Be Whining

You may not realize it, but whining is one of the most versatile communications dogs have. Learning the different reasons dogs whine can help you understand your dog better and increase your bond. It can also help you with training, because if you are misreading your dog’s whining signals, you could be responding all wrong. Below are the top six reasons dogs whine. #1 – Stress Whining is one of the key signs of stress. A lot of reactive dogs … Read more

Why Does My Dog Growl At Some People And Not Others?

Dogs are always alert when someone new arrives on the scene. Your dog notices new people immediately, but sometimes he growls at them and sometimes he doesn’t. His growl might indicate aggression, defensiveness or just plain anxiety. Why does he have different reactions to people? Does he know something about them that you don’t? No one can sum up all dogs’ reactions and definitely, each case is unique, but we can look at the way dogs perceive their world and … Read more

This Is Why Your Dog Stares At You While They’re Pooping

Have you ever noticed how your pooch seems to stare at you while going potty? Not all dogs do it, but most do. And there’s a good reason for it. While we enjoy privacy when using the bathroom, it turns out our dogs want the exact opposite. Your pup not only doesn’t want to be alone, but also wants to be able to see you and know that you’re there… watching. The reason for this somewhat awkward moment finds it … Read more

10 Jobs For Working Breed Dogs Even If You Don’t Live On A Farm

While some dogs are content to sit on your lap and look cute, working breeds have a different agenda. These are the dogs that are bred to hunt, herd, retrieve, and detect. They were born with an urge to work, and when they’re bored they tend to be mischievous and destructive. Working dogs like Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Newfoundlands, and all the others thrive on farms and ranches where there’s never a shortage of things to do. But … Read more

6 Signs Your Dog Trusts You With His Life

dog trusts you

The bond between a dog and his person is nothing to underestimate. It’s based on mutual love, appreciation, and most of all, trust. Contrary to popular belief, earning a dog’s complete trust isn’t as simple as giving out a few treats and belly rubs. If you want your dog to trust you with his life, you need to earn it. It can take months, and even years, of dedicated love and attention to earn a dog’s trust. Not every relationship … Read more

11 Ways To Entertain Your Dog While You’re At Work

entertain your dog

Working dog moms and dads hustle every day to provide for their pups. Unfortunately, that means leaving those adorable balls of fur home alone for most of the day. The guilt is real, and few bosses accept, “But my dog is sad!” as an excuse to take the day off. Some dogs handle the lonely work week better than others, but that doesn’t make leaving any easier. What does make it easier is knowing you’re doing everything you can to make … Read more

Why Do Dogs Destroy Their Toys?

You know the drill—you scour every aisle and thoughtfully consider what toy your dog will like best. You pick out what you think is the perfect squeaky duck or oinky pig, but within minutes of presenting it to your dog, you’re picking it off the floor in pieces. There’s a pile of fluff over there, the squeaker somehow made it under the couch, and the culprit—your dog—seems completely satisfied with her crime. Some dogs carry around their toys like precious … Read more

How To Determine If A Dog Is Cat-Friendly

There are dog people and there are cat people. Then there are the animal lovers willing to open their homes to any creature in need. Sooner or later, these kindhearted folks find themselves introducing canine and feline pack members – with varying degrees of success. Luckily, there are several factors that can help you determine if your dog is cat-friendly enough for a feline companion before you make the introduction. Breed While you absolutely cannot judge a dog based solely … Read more

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting

Puppy nibbles may seem cute at first, until your puppy gets overexcited and her needle-sharp teeth sink into your skin. Nipping is normal puppy behavior, but it’s important to teach your puppy not to bite. Otherwise, they’re likely to grow up thinking that biting is acceptable behavior. Here are a few tips on how to stop your puppy from biting. What’s the difference between teething, nipping, and biting? Just like humans, puppies start life with a set of baby teeth … Read more

5 Reasons Your Dog Won’t Eat And How To Help

dog won't eat

When it comes to the canine appetite, most people are used to dogs gobbling everything in sight. They rush to eat their meals and taste test things you’d never dream of putting near your mouth. But on the opposite side of that spectrum, it’s not uncommon for dogs to be picky eaters or suddenly stop eating altogether. These are the dogs that barely nibble on their kibble and turn their wet noses up at everything in their dishes. Not eating … Read more

Your Whining Dog Is Sending You A Message, Here’s How To Decode It

whining dog

All those barks, howls, whimpers, and whines are like a language you can’t quite grasp. You and your dog may be the best of friends, but until you brush up on your interpreting skills, communicating with your canine will be tricky. You won’t find help in a dictionary or with Google Translate, but there are other ways of figuring out what your dog is saying when he whines. You’ll need to consider context, body language, and your dog’s unique personality. … Read more

10 Dog Park Rules Every Pup Parent Should Know

dog park rules

With dogs of all breeds and personalities running around and making new friends, dog parks are supposed to be places full of fun and socialization. There’s freedom to run unhindered by a leash, other dogs to race and wrestle, and opportunities for both mental and physical stimulation. These are the things you expect when you open the gate and unleash your dog, but unfortunately, that’s not always what you get. Even if there are no officially posted rules, always follow … Read more

How To Teach Your Dog To Play Nice With Other Dogs

teach your dog

The idyllic picture of dogs playing together at the park is something every pup parent wants. You can see the joy on your dog’s face as he makes new friends and stimulates his body and mind. That vision is shattered, however, at the first sign of rough play. Your dog growls, bites, tackles, and chases in a way other dogs don’t appreciate. Instead of making new friends, your dog tries to dominate his playmates. If his rough play hasn’t led … Read more

8 Weird Things Dogs Do When They Poop

Watching our pups poop is a big part of every dog parent’s life. The frequency, color, and consistency of their “offerings” tell us a great deal about their health, so we dutifully pay attention whenever our pooches assume the position. You may have noticed when dogs poop they often perform a number of behaviors that may seem weird to us. But rest assured, they actually serve an important purpose. 1. Holding Out for the Perfect Spot Does your dog search … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick So Much?

dog lick

When your dog is the king (or queen) of kisses, you get used to wiping away slobber. He licks your face and arms, and some dogs pick up a habit of licking random objects like carpets, walls, and furniture. There’s also the chance you watch him lick his own fur for minutes on end. Either way, there comes a point when your dog’s licking goes from cute to concerning. If the pup in your life can’t seem to control his … Read more

How To Manage Food Aggression In Dogs

Food aggression in dogs is a form of resource guarding in which the animal is abnormally protective of edible items. Some dogs even go so far as to “guard” their humans’ food. The issue of food guarding can be particularly difficult to deal with because it is considered a normal canine survival instinct. Understanding the problem is key to managing it within your home and beyond. What causes food aggression in dogs? There are several reasons a dog may develop food … Read more