Pet Insurance: Rip-Off Or Life-Saver?

Pet Insurance: Rip-Off Or Life-Saver? In this article, we are going to cover the topic of pet insurance. It is hotly debated by dog owners, vets, and others alike. As an informed owner, it is something you’ll want to understand. So what is it? Pet Insurance is an insurance policy that pays for your vet bills should your dog get injured or sick. Most policies have limits on what they cover, and many reimburse you for money spent vs. paying … Read more

A Vet Explains What You Need To Know About Pet Insurance For Your Dog

Pet insurance is not like human health insurance. It is designed to give you peace of mind by helping you prepare for the costs of large medical issues. Subscribers pay a monthly premium (prices vary depending on plan and company) instead of being surprised by a major illness or injury. It is like a safety net to catch you when you fall. It is certainly nice to have in an event where price is the last thing that you want … Read more

Vet Bills Are Often Unaffordable, But Pawp Can Help

You’ve heard the horror stories. You’ve seen the many crowdfunding pages. Maybe you’ve even experienced it for yourself. Vet bills can be extremely expensive, even unaffordable. There are countless cases of pet parents bringing their animals to the vet and ultimately not being able to afford the treatment their best friends need. Even the visit itself can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, there are options that don’t involve emptying your account when your pets are sick. Millions Of Pet Owners … Read more

Pet Insurance: Here’s What Every Dog Owner Should Know

While pet insurance is not new (the first pet insurance in the United States covered TV star Lassie in 1982), it is starting to become far more popular. Some businesses are even starting to offer it as a benefit to attract and keep pet-loving employees. Still, less than 1% of the approximately 179 million pets in America are covered by pet insurance. If you want to skip ahead to instantly see what the best pet insurance options are for your … Read more