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“Clean Start” Grooming Program Helps Adoptable Dogs Get Shiny & Healthy

| Published on July 9, 2021

Regular grooming doesn’t just keep a dog looking fresh. Grooming also keeps them healthy, and in some cases, a good grooming can turn a matted stray into an adoptable dog. After all, some potential adopters do tend to unfairly judge a book by its filthy cover.

In a partnership with the Humane Society of North Central Florida, Scenthound aims to groom and care for rescue dogs. The wellness-centered grooming service will also take care of their health concerns like matted fur as part of the “Clean Start” program.


What The “Clean Start” Program Covers

According to Kathryn Pizzurro, the co-owner of Scenthound Gainesville, the “Clean Start” program offers one free grooming to each dog adopted from the Humane Society. It also includes free grooming services for rescue dogs awaiting adoption, such as a bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing.

Pizzurro explained:

“The Clean Start program essentially acts as a reward or a ‘thank you’ for adopting a dog. It is a nice service because it gives you the opportunity to introduce your dog to a new groomer without knowing anything [about grooming.] It opens that door to you.”


Co-owner Joseph Pizzurro is hopeful this program will inspire other initiatives aimed at helping animals get rescued. According to him, a partnership with the Humane Society “made a lot of sense,” as their mission statements overlap.

“If this partnership helps to remove some of the barriers to the dogs being adopted and for their proper health and care after they are adopted, then everyone benefits in the end.”

The Gainesville location only opened recently, and it seems they’re already making big waves (and curls!)

Grooming Really Helps

Clearly, this partnership works. One adopter, Laur’en Cocozello, who rescued a Labrador/Pitbull mix named Dasani from the Humane Society, appreciated the grooming services. She noted:

“Seeing how some of those dogs show up there, they deserve nothing but great treatment and whatever they want. It’s really nice that you can go and get them taken care of and groomed.”


If you’re an iHeartDogs fan, odds are you believe that every dog matters. Poor hygiene or matted fur should never stop a dog from being adopted.

Regular grooming is extremely important! In addition to removing fleas and ticks, it can keep away infections and relieve discomfort. Learn more dog grooming tips here. You can do a lot for your dog between visits to the professionals.

Featured Image: @ScenthoundGainesvilleSW/Facebook

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