Mom Awoke To New Dog Lookin’ Extra Comfy In Patio Chair Lounging By Pool

Amy Haden woke up early one morning and came downstairs after getting dressed. Her daughter ran over to Amy and claimed there was a dog outside their window. Amy made her way over and sure enough, a dog was lounging on the patio furniture by the pool — like he owned the joint. Well, this dog’s appearance was more efficient than a giant cup of coffee because now both ladies were wide awake!

Screenshot via YouTube

Amy told her daughter that she had let their dogs out that morning… but her daughter said that this dog wasn’t one of their own. He was looking extra comfy on that patio chair with the yard as his backdrop. They weren’t sure who this character was but they did know one thing for certain: he surely had a personality.

Screenshot via YouTube

It was like the dog had “taken up residence.” Amy’s words exactly! They left the dog outside thinking he had a home elsewhere. His demeanor indicated that he likely did. But day after day, the dog came back to chill on the patio furniture. At one point, he stopped leaving altogether. What in the world was going on?! The dog’s sudden appearance was a total mystery. You’ve got to see what happens next and how it all turns out. Scroll on down!

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