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Confused Puppy Pelted By Tiny Bullets & Tied Up With Wire, Felt It’s All His Fault

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on November 19, 2022

A pup no older than six months was found trembling and alone, tied to a large oak in the park. As soon as Dev Naz received notice, he ran over to assess the situation himself. The thin wire cut deep into his neck, constricting any movement. It’s unfathomable how someone could be so mercilessly careless.

Source and Image Screenshot: dev naz via YouTube


When Dev freed the puppy from its binds, he was worried that it may have been paralyzed. It hadn’t moved at all! Dev attempted to move its legs but realized something was off. unsure if the puppy had distemper- which is common and contagious-  Dev put on gloves and lifted him up cautiously.


Source and Image Screenshot: dev naz via YouTube


The puppy is placed on the back of a truck to get a better examination. His legs have no sensation and it’s unknown what happened to him.

At first, Dev speculates. He says the puppy could’ve been hit hard in the back. But when he props the puppy up a bit, he finally notices the unthinkable–the pup has little wounds all over his body! A monster shot him with a pellet gun!


Source and Image Screenshot: dev naz via YouTube


Dev Naz comes up with a plan. He brings the puppy back to his house. The next step will be to notify the vet that this little one needs surgery.

Due to where they’re located in the world, and the serious lack of funds, this will not be easy. Surgery is expensive! Thankfully, Dev is trained to do many things himself. He is able to treat the puppy for pain and infection. Through donations, Dev is hoping to schedule the puppy’s surgery to remove all the pellets ASAP.


Source and Image Screenshot: dev naz via YouTube


The next day, the puppy sees the vet who finds that he can’t feel his hind legs. The vet decides that he needs diagnostic scans to create a treatment plan. Even though the puppy is in a strange place, surrounded by people, he’s such a good boy! The scans show pellets throughout his little body.

Source and Image Screenshot: dev naz via YouTube


The veterinarian and Dev agree that the puppy will need surgery to remove the pellets without harming the nerves further. If all goes well, she may be able to walk again, but there is no guarantee.


Source and Image Screenshot: dev naz via YouTube


We are grateful that this puppy was found and did not die from starvation or heat exposure. Please join us in sending prayers to Dev, the veterinarian, and his team caring for the pup. There is hope that he will live a good life despite being paralyzed.


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