Cop Stands In Front Of Speeding Traffic For Stray Dog

It’s the small acts of kindness that keep the world positive. One thoughtful gesture can go a long way whether you realize it or not. Sometimes, that one minor action can even inspire hundreds of people.

That was the case when a traffic cop in India extended his heart to a stray dog. India is full of street dogs with no place to call home, but they still deserve just as much respect as any other dog. So, when a stray pup indicated that he wanted to cross the road, the cop didn’t hesitate to clear a path just like he would for a human.

The kind man’s actions recently went viral on Twitter. Someone posted a video of him helping the homeless dog. It stole the hearts of dog lovers all over the internet and has been shared many times since.

Traffic Cop and Dog
Image: Screenshot, @thebetterindia/Twitter

A Heartwarming Video

In the video, the traffic cop is standing on the side of the road. The street is packed with cars consistently driving past. Next to him is a patient pup, who seems to be looking both ways before crossing the street. Clearly, he knows the rules of the road better than most humans.

The man tells the dog to wait, and sure enough, the dog listens perfectly. Then, the man tries to wave down traffic to get them to stop for the dog. Unfortunately, no one listens. They just hurry past without a second thought.

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However, this kind traffic cop refuses to give up. The dog looks up at him hopefully, and he motions for the dog to continue staying still. He quickly realizes that his hand motions won’t stop traffic for this dog. So, he walks into the middle of the road with his hands held high. Thankfully, all the traffic slows to a stop right in front of the man.

When the dog sees that the coast is clear, he runs across the street happily. Traffic resumes to normal after that.

Dog Crosses the Road
Image: Screenshot, @thebetterindia/Twitter

An Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

Of course, it’s the traffic cop’s job to help humans cross the street. Yet, he chose to help a sweet dog too. Many dogs get hurt crossing roads without assistance, so he did the right thing. He could tell that this dog needed him, so he wasn’t going to let the pup down.

The comments on this video gave the traffic cop the praise he deserves. To some, he might just seem like a regular traffic cop, but to that dog, he’s a hero. So, next time you get a chance to be kind, please take it. You never know how much it will impact the world.

Watch the Heartwarming Video Here:

Featured Image: Cameron Adams via Flickr

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