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Couple Adopts a Pit Bull and Discovers Cool Facts About the Breed

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on May 15, 2024

Imagine a tiny puppy, full of hope and needing a mother’s warmth, yet finding himself in a cold cardboard box instead. This was the harsh reality for Koby, a Pit Bull mix whose early days were marked by abandonment simply because he wasn’t a purebred.

Despite this rough start, Koby’s tale is one of hope, love, and the unexpected joys that come from giving a second chance to those who need it most. Rescued by a kind-hearted individual, Koby received the care and affection he desperately needed. Over time, he thrived in his new environment, bringing immense joy to his new family. Koby’s journey reminds us of the profound impact of compassion and the incredible resilience of animals.

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The shelter workers quickly stepped in to help Koby and his brothers and sisters when they were found. However, they were in a kill shelter, a place where their futures could be cut short. Luckily, Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue, a charity based in New York, took the puppies into their care, giving them a chance at a better life. It was during this time in 2021 that Steven and Jessica, a couple who had just gotten married and were looking to adopt a dog, visited the rescue. 

They fell in love with a sweet tan Pit Bull puppy—Koby. From the moment they held him, there was an instant bond.

“The first time we got to hold him, he just sunk in our arms,”

Steven recalled in an interview with GeoBeats Animals. Feeling a strong connection, they decided to make him a part of their family.

Koby faced some challenges adjusting to his new home. He was restless and had trouble sleeping during his first few nights until his new parents devised a heartwarming solution. They bought him a warm stuffed animal that simulated a heartbeat. This clever idea worked wonders, helping Koby feel comfortable and much better.

Koby was a very loving dog, always eager to sit on his dad’s lap and cuddle up with him on the couch. This was new for Steven, who hadn’t realized how affectionate Pit Bulls could be.

“Before Koby entered their life, Steven didn’t know how much Pit Bulls love cuddling with their humans.”

Steven and Jessica showered Koby with all the love they had, raising him as if he were their own child. Koby, in return, never wanted to be away from his parents, feeling sad whenever he couldn’t go with them.

Koby’s ability to show his feelings was clear, especially through his eyes. “It’s like looking at a person. You know exactly what he’s feeling just based on his eyes alone,” Jessica explained to GeoBeats Animals.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Both Steven and Jessica understood that being separated from his mother at such a young age affected Koby deeply. He yearned for that lost connection but gave all his love to his human parents instead. During Jessica’s pregnancy, Koby became very protective, always staying close by her side and often resting his head on her belly, showing his gentle nature. Although he loved both his parents, Steven was Koby’s favorite. 

Each day, he would wait by the window, looking out for Steven to come home from work. The moment he saw him, Koby would run to greet him with lots of hugs and kisses. Steven cherished this routine, saying,

“He’s become such an important part of my every day. If I have a tough day at work, it’s nice coming home to a beautiful wife, but it’s also nice coming home to somebody that you know is guaranteed gonna greet you with excitement and hugs and kisses.”

Koby also keeps his followers updated on Instagram, sharing stories of his life with his family, where he has recently taken on the role of a proud big brother to a little human sister, loving her immensely and looking after her.

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