Couple Spoils Their Neighborhood Pups With A Community Treat Box

A couple in Lincoln, Nebraska, has found a way to pamper the many pups in their neighborhood. In an effort to honor their late beloved companion, the couple created a community treat box for the lovable pups and dog parents of their community.

Joe Knopp and Deb Bauer-Knopp are dog lovers who, after tragically losing their beloved Golden Retriever, wanted to create something special in her memory. After some imagination and brainstorming, the Gold Dog Express was born!

dog treat box

The Gold Dog Express is a community treat box that is always filled with goodies. It is situated in the Knopp’s front yard, allowing all passing fur parents to snag a tasty snack for their pup.

The Gold Dog Express is so successful that some fur parents walk up to a mile with their dogs to get their paws on the goodies. Not only does the treat box include some well-deserved snacks, but it also includes water, pet wipes, waste bags, and hand sanitizer.

“The purpose of the dog box isn’t money. It’s here to bring joy and put smiles on people’s faces.” – Deb Bauer-Knopp

dog treat box

All the goodies in the box are free, but the Knopps encourage everyone to leave a small donation whenever possible. All monetary donations will be given to their local animal shelter, allowing the couple to give back to their community in a special way.

This dog-loving pair is not the only one to create something special for the pups of their city. While the Knopps have found a way to give back to pets and their parents, others have focused on stray dogs in their area.

There are two dedicated groups of animal lovers that have set up street dog feeding programs in Mexico. Once focuses their efforts on the dogs of San Felipe, while the other takes care of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez.

dog treat box

These street feeding programs not only fill the bellies of the hungry pups on their streets, but they also offer medical assistance to those who need it. The programs have volunteers assigned to each feeding station, allowing them to monitor the health of the dogs that visit them. If ever a dog seems like they need a bit of extra care, the volunteers can easily swoop in!

dog treat box

It’s heartwarming to know that so many people are dedicated to enriching the lives of the dogs in their city. Do these stories offer you any inspiration for your community pups?


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