Cub Scouts Take In Paralyzed Dog And Give Him A New Lease On Life

For many dogs that are taken to animal control, sadly they never leave. With euthanasia rates at an all time high, many dogs are put to sleep due to overpopulation and overcrowding. When a Dachshund/Beagle mix was taken in to animal control, it was predicted that he only had a few hours to live–sentenced to doggy death row. The dog was said to have been struck by a car, leaving him paralyzed and unable to move his back legs. The legs would drag behind him, creating wounds on his body.

But then Vandie Enloe saw a plea of a Facebook message posted by someone at the animal control, hoping to find this dog a home, and fast.

“There was a plea for a rescue group to rescue him. I’m not a rescue group, but I was willing to foster,” Enloe said.

That’s when she went to pick up the dog, and not long after Cub Scout Pack 513 caught wind of this poor dog’s story and wanted to help. They came together and vowed to give this dog a new lease on life, building him a set of wheels so that he could get around just like any other dog and not have to suffer. After 3 tries, the device they built for the dog (which they named Noah) was a success! Take a look!

Isn’t that just so sweet? We are so thankful for this kind woman and this caring group of young men who worked hard to give this dog the life he deserves! Share this cool story with your friends to give them a smile.

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