Rottweiler Gets Annoying Puppy, Holds Her Down So She Stops Wiggling

Puppies are adorable critters, especially when they’re playful and sassy. However, one Rottweiler, named Dozer, did not agree with this sentiment.

When Mom came home with the sweetest little Frenchie, Dozer was not thrilled one bit. He didn’t understand what in the world this little creature could be. All he knew was that it kept moving about and bothering him, which pretty much freaked him out.

Screenshot via YouTube

The puppy, named Daisy, is the queen of playful energy. She didn’t give up until she earned Dozer’s unwavering love. She merrily stalked Dozer which eventually wore him down. Everywhere he went, there was Daisy. Dozer didn’t really have a choice in the matter but that worked out in the end, “fur sure!” Their friendship blossomed day by day until they became inseparable. Dozer went from being freaked out by Daisy to being totally in love with her. It’s too darn cute. But of course, sometimes Dozer has his moments where he has to tell his sister enough is enough! But he’s always gentle!

Screenshot via YouTube

Seeing them together, from day one until now will be the biggest treat of your day. This video is destined to play on repeat! We are so happy that Dozer came around and that these two have one another. Persistence, in this case, truly paid off. Daisy — you go, girl! Thank you for this double dose of cuteness overload!

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